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Norwood is a small borough, less than a square mile in size, was founded in 1873 by John Cochran, a local realtor. The borough received its name from the 1813 book, Norwood: Village Life in New England by Henry Ward Beecher, about the author’s life in Norwood, Massachusetts. While tradition says it was Cochran’s older brother who offered up the name, many believe it stemmed from Robert Morris Copeland, the town’s architect, and Boston native.

Norwood began as part of the 1683 land grant to Morton Mortonson. This land was inherited by his son, Andrew Morton, in 1718, who gave One hundred twenty-eight acres to his daughter, Katherine Grantham in 1734. This roughly hundred twenty-eight acres of land is what we now know as Norwood.

In 1850, Thomas Gesner built a stone farmhouse on what would-be modern-day Mohawk Avenue. He sold this property to John Cochran in 1873 who brought in Mr. Copeland to lay out the streets and parks. By late April 1873, the local papers began advertising properties for sale. At the time, there was a special free train that left Philadelphia at one o’clock.

Cochran once met the train with a brass band and provided lemonade and sandwiches to passengers along with plans for the new community. A crowd of nearly one hundred fifty people followed Cochran to Norwood Park where he made a few announcements and began a property auction. He sold nearly fifty lots and held other auctions over the next two years. The borough was officially incorporated on November 6, 1893.

As time moved on, Norwood has grown into a proper suburb. It sits only eight and one-half miles from Philadelphia and sits along the railroad. The community has much to offer its residents and neighbors such as beautiful parks, green space and a mix of retails shops and restaurants. Today Hutchinson’s Plumbing offers this community the comfort of ‘expertly better’ heating and air conditioning services.

If your plumbing or HVAC goes down, your home’s safety and wellbeing are at stake. In the winter you risk pipes freezing and in the summer the heat can be unbearable for some family members. Hutchinson is available to help 24/7. Emergency or not we will come at the best time for your convenience.

During any service call by one of our plumbers or heating and air conditioning contractors, you will receive a written report. This is the plan for your HVAC or plumbing services – listing every cost, up front. Our expertly better plumbers and contractors will never leave you surprised, except by how great your services were, of course.

We will report all of our findings and recommendations and show you the importance of each item. Some things will be marked so you’ll know they can wait until a more convenient time for you to budget them. We will also let you know when you need to fix something right away for the health and safety of your family. Hutchinson has been a trusted name for generations because we go the extra mile to keep your family comfortable at affordable prices.

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