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The greater North East of the Philadelphia Area was first settled by Europeans in 1645. It was a part of New Sweden, until 1675 when the English Quakers found their way here. It was then referred to as Frankford. There was a place nearby that the English called Byberry. It was named after Byberry England, and today’s Byberry road is also a result of that namesake. Byberry was a fertile hunting forest for the Lenni Lenape People, who helped the Quakers and Swedes make their early settlements by showing them how to farm pumpkins, corn, and beans. They coexisted without issue for long periods of time.

The abundance here attracted more settlers and soon small villages appeared. Byberry was sectioned. One village called Smithtown had the main street built through it, which today is Bustleton Avenue. Another village was Somerton, and when Pennsylvania was formed in 1681, There was “The Manor of Frank”.

A man named John Holmes settled in the late 1600s and his family acquired land on both sides of today’s Frankfurt Avenue, west of Pennypack. They also built the Holmesburg lumber yard, and that combined with their real estate sales, deemed the town to be called Holmesburg.

The Tacony section was named for a Lenni Lenape word meaning wilderness. It wasn’t a part of Philadelphia city when it was formed, but a suburb in Philadelphia County, like Byberry. Tacony didn’t make a name for itself until the railroads came in the mid 1800s.

It was a major place for trade because the Ferries came to Tycony and the train stopped in Kensington Depot. It was also in the early 1800s that Joseph Kirkbride had a ferry that ran across the Frankford Creek. He built a bridge and charged a toll, and that village became known as Bridesburg.

The act of consolidation was proclaimed in 1854, dissolving all of the individual villages, like Bridesburg, of Philadelphia County and converting them all into a part of Philadelphia City. The reason was to consolidate the local protections, and control crime with a unified budget. Rhawnhurst, Mayfair, Oxford Circle and Fox Chase were also blended into the unified city.

Together, today, the entire area is referred to as North East Philadelphia. Though it is all one city, each section has its own flavor and individual character. The individual personalities of Rhawnhurst, Mayfair, Oxford Circle, and Fox Chase have stayed with each section. The heating and air conditioning contractors at Hutchinson Plumbing have been servicing the North East for seventy years.

The hard working HVAC contractors of Hutchinson’s Plumbing like to get calls for services in the North East. We are a family business, and we have seventy years providing heating and air conditioning services in the local area. Our plumbers hope to take care of your emergency and regular services. We win awards and strive to be expertly better at our trade. Our HVAC and plumbing reputation shows that we’re doing something right.

Maybe it’s the service with a smile or the courtesy that comes with every heating and air conditioning call. Maybe it’s because our plumbers show up clean, and on time, and clean up after the work is complete. It could be all of these things, but certainly, because our local contractors are experts, and we get it right the first time. No matter what the job, big or small, commercial or residential. Our contractors do it right, the first time, guaranteed. We’re available 24/7 so give us a call.


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