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North Middletown, NJ is a twentieth-century town, that was known as Keansburg from 1912-1987. There is a history of the entire area being called Middletown before that. In 1609 Henry Hudson sailed his boat here. The Lenni Lenape ruled the land then, but at some point, Sachem Pompora, a Lenape chief, “sold” the land to the European settlers. He is still depicted on the town’s crest.

Hudson landed at Sandy Hook Bay and was only known to call Middletown “a very good land” in 1609, and he quickly went back to looking for the North West Passage. By 1665, Europeans started to settle down here, and Middletown was one of the earliest named places. It was sanctioned a township in 1693 and was mostly occupied by the British during its early development and on through the American Revolution.

Pirates also settled here. Ideal Beach was their headquarters, and Captain Kidd himself brought his men here. They are said to have fallen in love with the Middletown women and stayed after Kidd was put to death for his crimes in 1701. The entire place was not incorporated as an official U.S. township almost a century later in 1798. It wasn’t until Middletown started to have distinct villages that Keansburg was created within Middletown Township in 1917. In 1988 North Middletown was renamed from Keansburg.

A more recent claim to fame is the beloved ”Evil Clown of Middletown”. He was built in 1956 on a rotating base, towering over the road to attract customers to the Food Circus Supermarket. He now marks to front of a liquor store. Many attempts to knock him down have been quashed by the love of the community. The clown has been featured on TV and magazines throughout the years.

Whether you live in North Middletown, or anywhere in Middletown Township, Hutchinson’s Plumbing is at your service. We have a chuckle each time one of our brightly colored vans has passed the evil clown over the years. He certainly lets you know you’re home. Nothing welcomes you home as much as comfort. That is our job, we provide you with HVAC comfort and efficiency.

Hutchinson’s local plumbing and HVAC services have been provided by expertly better contractors and our family since 1948. If your heating or air conditioning gives you an issue, we will be at your service to get it repaired. Day or night our contractors are ready, 24/7.

Middletown often stands up to protect its green open spaces. Our local services also have a green side and an energy efficient attitude. This is in our plumbing and in our HVAC work.

There is a new philosophy in heating and air conditioning, and it is more comfortable as well as green.

Hutchinson is certified and we are experts at performing audits and upgrades for the Department of Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program. This ensures your whole home’s heating and air conditioning uses the best energy-saving green solutions to saving money and reducing the carbon footprint. Call Hutch for whatever you need.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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