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Newtown Township, or often called Newton Square, is a wealthy suburb dotted with quaint cottages and grand estates. The picturesque township lies approximately thirty-five minutes between both Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware. The town dates back to 1681 when William Penn planned two inland “new towns” (the second is in Bucks County).

The majority of the settlers were Welsh Quakers who turned the village into a farming community. As the town began to grow, blacksmiths and wheelwrights began to set up shops, as well as a number of taverns and inns to accommodate travelers from Philadelphia.  Newtown was a frequent stop for British soldiers during the Revolutionary War. While no battles ever happened on the town’s soil, it was often raided by British foraging parties.

This community largely remained farmland until post-World War II when the growth of the suburbs began to take hold in the area. Due to Newtown Square’s proximity to Philadelphia, it was well situated for public transportation, so a trolley line was added that connected the town to the sprawling city. With the population boom of the region came growing pains. Streets needed to be reconfigured to accommodate traffic and new residential services such as schools and recreation had to be added. Old farmlands began to disappear, and urban expansion took their place.

Today Newtown Square is a thriving community with a beautiful downtown area filled with local shops and boutiques. This family-friendly town offers a variety of events and programs to benefit its residents.  School children attend the Marple Newtown School District, one of Pennsylvania’s top districts. The families here in Newtown Square have come to rely on Hutchinson’s local plumbing and HVAC services to keep their homes efficient and comfortable.

Your heating and air conditioning can save you a big percentage of your energy usage and utility bills when they run efficiently. Having an HVAC appliance that is too big can waste as much energy as having one run excessively because it’s too small.

Hutchinson’s expert local contractors will check your home for potential energy loss, that may save you from needing to change out an expensive heating or air conditioning unit. Your plumbing services also will ensure your water heater isn’t taxing your energy usage.

Your insulation, ductwork or air leaks could be the whole reason your upstairs is so much colder than the downstairs, or so much hotter on the upper floors in the summer. Our contractors will check out your systems and appliances to make sure they are safe as well, mold, gas leaks or possible asbestos are all on our checklist.

We will report all of our findings and recommendations and show you the importance of each item. Some findings will note that they can wait until a more convenient time for you to budget them, and we will also let you know when you need to fix something right away for the health and safety of your family. Hutchinson’s has been a trusted name for generations because we go the extra mile to keep your family comfortable at affordable prices.

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