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Newtown is a small borough thirteen miles to the west of Trenton, NJ and thirty-one miles north of Philadelphia. This affluent community boasts good schools, low crime rates and ranked seventh on the Coolest Small-Town list compiled by Yahoo! Travel.

William Penn purchased the tract of land that would become Newtown in 1682 and two years later Penn’s surveyor was brought in to form what was initially called New Town. Penn established the hamlet to provide country homes for wealthy Philadelphians and to support farming communities. The village was the County Seat of Bucks County from 1728 to 1813, when it was then moved to Doylestown. During its time as County Seat, the community began to move away from its origins of an agricultural village and grew into a governmental center. Once the County seat shifted to Doylestown, Newtown slowly shifted back into the pastoral town it had been previously.

Just after General George Washington marched to the Battle of Trenton on Christmas morning, 1776, he chose Newtown as his headquarters. It was from there he wrote his two famous letters to Congress that detailed his victory in Trenton. The home he chose for his headquarters stood on South Sycamore Street until it’s destruction by developers in 1962. Outrage from locals moved to make other historical sites, taverns, and inns part of a historic district so they would not suffer the same fate. This was accomplished in 1985.

Today Newtown is full of the small-town charm that people love. Driving the streets of this wealthy community, you can see beautiful stately homes with well-manicured lawns. There is ample shopping for necessities and there are numerous mom-and-pop shops springing up. Students residing in the area are serviced by the Council Rock School District, the largest employer in the area. The districts two high schools are routinely rated amongst the best in the Philadelphia area.

When the residents of Newtown are looking for a good plumber, their neighbors undoubtedly recommend Hutchinson’s Plumbing. Our heating and AC services are second to none. Hutchinson’s local HVAC contractors are well versed in the needs of both historical Newtown homes as well as the new, modern homes you find here. The area here has a nice flair of the past and the present, just as Hutch has become known for since 1948.

Our HVAC team and plumbers have all of the training and knowledge passed down from four generations in this caring family business. They are also taught all of the newest technologies in AC and heating for over one hundred hours each year the contractor provides services with us. Hutchinson’s local services will keep your home comfortable and efficient, making this the “New Town” William Penn dreamed of on horseback on the day he stopped here and proclaimed, “This is the place proposed for my new town!”.

Our local contractors are available for any emergency you might have, 24/7. On a normal day without an emergency, we are also available at any time that is convenient for you, no matter what your schedule is. Our plumber will arrive with a smile.

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