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Newfield, NJ is a residential borough that sits approximately one hour to the south-east of Philadelphia and one hour west of Atlantic City. The community is less than two square miles and has a population just above 1,500.

Over two hundred Newfield residents braved the cold conditions on February 19, 1924 as they traveled by train to Trenton to petition the state of NJ, for incorporation of their village. Eight days later, both houses of legislature voted in favor of the petition and the borough was formed on March 8, 1924, separating itself from parts of Franklin Township.

The town grew in population once the railroad was built and many of it’s employees settled there. At one time, there were both passenger service and freight trains arriving every fifteen minutes and up to seventy-two trains stops every day. This town started with big vehicles, and then fell in love with small vehicles.

The biggest tourist attraction in Newfield is the Matchbox Road Museum which showcases fifty thousand pieces of Matchbox memorabilia. The owner, Everett Marshall, created the museum out of his love of the little cars and his showrooms display well-known miniature models, concept cars, special event one-offs, and board games. Marshall began collecting the toy cars in 1980 and now has pieces in his collection that are worth up to six thousand dollars.

Families love Newfield because it is a safe and affordable place to call home. Residents enjoy the quiet community full of charm. Home prices and cost of living fall well below state averages, making it perfect for families who are looking to settle down in a quaint community with good schools. Newfield also has great local plumbing and HVAC services available to its residents.

The good people of Newfield, NJ count on Hutchinson’s expertly better contractors for all of their heating and plumbing needs. If your air conditioning suddenly stops working, it gets hot inside very quickly. There is no need to be uncomfortable. Hutchinson can help. Our services are available 24/7. We can get you financing if it comes to that, or work around your budget.

When a Hutchinson HVAC contractor comes to a service call, we arrive on time, with a smile and are always courteous. We arrive clean, and never leave a mess behind. Before we start any work we will present you with a written report of everything we are planning to do. We will show you our recommendations, along with what must be done right away to keep your family safe and get you running again. We also show what can wait until a more convenient time for you.

Take a few minutes and look around this website. We always have specials and programs for you to take advantage of. We also have an extensive range of tips and tricks that you can do yourself, until it gets to the point where you have to call in an expert. We have plumbing tips, heating suggestions, and air conditioning pointers. When that emergency comes, our local HVAC contractors are here for you, 24/7.

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