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Mullica Hill, NJ is unique, partially due to the entire community being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Nestled inside of Harrison Township, this affluent district has beautifully preserved its history, while still offering its residents and tourists the best in shopping and dining.

Settled by English and Irish Quakers in the late seventeenth century, the first establishments of the area were plantations. Named in 1704 after the sons of Eric Palsson Mullica, a Finnish immigrant, the village started on the north bank of the Raccoon River. Eventually, the area combined with Spicerville, on the south side of the river, and the town became known as just Mullica Hill.

A small district was established along the Racoon Creek by the late 1800’s until it was destroyed by fire a few decades later. Another growth happened post-Civil War when stately Victorian homes and public buildings were added to the landscape. It was during this era that Harrison Township became one of the nation’s largest agricultural producers and with the addition of a rail station, Mullica Hill quickly became an active shipping point for agricultural goods.  

Today the community still has plenty to offer. Main Street, with Victorian and colonial homes, has not been revitalized. It has not been re-imagined. It is instead, preserved. This one-mile stretch of the village was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, honoring the diverse, enduring architecture.

Thanks to its historic nature, there are approximately three dozen antique shops near the heart of Main Street, many of which are homed in structures as old as their goods. Quaint boutiques, galleries, restaurants within the sometimes centuries-old structures, and a must see Amish Farmer’s Market, draw shoppers and strollers to this charming town. Its authentic historical background makes it an especially interesting spot for antique collectors and just up the road, one of South Jersey’s award-winning wineries awaits.

While Mullica Hill is a dry town, just outside of city limits is Wagonhouse Winery that offers a variety of locally sourced wines. The neighborhood also hosts a series of events throughout the year which include antique festivals, a Ghost Walk in the fall, and Christmas festivities. Hutchinson’s plumbing keeps your family comfortable at home all year long, through all seasons.

You need your heating and ac to work properly to have peace of mind. Shivering or sweating at home after a long day is not acceptable, and neither are huge energy bills. Hutchinson’s services are certified to be more efficient. Our local HVAC contractors can come out today and check your efficiency rating.

We are certified by the department of environmental protection to complete thorough Energy Star Home energy audits. Inspection services can provide you peace of mind, as well as the best recommendations for heating and ac that are available today. We’ll show you the most state of the art options or modifications for your system to be its absolute best. Your HVAC can run at its peak with just a few adjustments, or you can check for a better system.

Our plumbing contractors are available 24/7 and will help with any emergency. If you need a new faucet, have a small leak or have a pipe burst in the middle of the night, give us a call. We are local, and we make all of our appointments around your schedule.

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