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Mount Royal, NJ is a residential community within East Greenwich Township. Bordered by Mantua Creek on the north, this middle-class neighborhood is conveniently situated thirty minutes south-east from the city of Philadelphia and one hour west of Atlantic City.

Earliest records of Mount Royal indicate the town was settled around 1650. Originally known as Sandtown due to the abundance of sandy soil, the village benefited from its geographical location on the creek and thrived on passengers needing a place to rest. Later this stop, what is now known as The Berkley, was a stagecoach stop with food and lodging.

The original village has been mentioned by both American and British Revolutionary War soldiers as a location where multiple skirmishes were fought. It was in 1777 that General Cornwallis, commander of British forces, sent his First Light Infantry to what is currently Berkley Road to repair a bridge that American soldiers destroyed to thwart British progress.

In 1821, the village changed its name to Berkley after Lord John Berkeley of England, a landowner in the town. It was not until 1890 that the name was changed to Mount Royal when a post office opened, and the name caused confusion with another Berkley in northern NJ. Tradition states that the new name was derived from a can of Baking Powder, but due to a lack of written reason, this cannot be confirmed.

Today, the community’s parent town of East Greenwich Township is a quiet community that is perfect for families. Moderate housing prices, good schools and low crime statistics have made it a popular Philadelphia suburb for those looking for a more relaxed way of life. The good people of Mount Royal count on Hutchinson Plumbing for their HVAC needs.

It is important to have a comfortable home to go to at the end of the day. You want your plumbing to work when you need it. Hutchinson’s plumbers are available to fix a drip or stop a flooded basement. You want your heating and air conditioning to run efficiently and keep your home at just the right temperature while you relax. Make sure you give your home the maintenance it needs so there are no terrible surprises in store for your family.

Hutchinson’s certified expert HVAC contractors can show you just what needs to be done to be more efficient. You’ll get a full report, of what should be done right away for health and safety reasons, and what can wait. We can help you create a plan to be more efficient, that works with your budget. The heating and air conditioning units may not be the issue that is keeping your upper floors uncomfortable. It might be your duct work. Other changes to your home may have unexpected effects.

Let us check things out and see if a bigger unit will actually work for your addition, or if your unit was too big to begin with and you can go smaller to save money. Hutchinson will also, always let you know about the most energy efficient and cost-effective choices. We will also let you know what can be done to improve overall efficiency and earn you state incentives.

Hutchinson’s heating & air conditioning contractors provide expert services with a smile. Our plumbers are working with four generations of expertise in the local area. Call for expertly better HVAC services 24/7.

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