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Mount Holly, NJ is the county seat of Burlington County. It was settled in 1677 by Walter Reeves. He made a dam to hold water from the Rancocas creek to create enough pressure to run his grist mill and saw mill. In 1688 it was called West Hampton, was one of the original townships in NJ, by Royal Charter.

Two brothers hand dug a channel next to the Reeves Dam, to better power those mills in 1720, along with their father Edward Gaskill. The water channel is called a raceway and it had a secondary use, for herring fish to travel up and down the river, able to get through where the dam blocked the way. This created a springtime fish run and supplied the towns people with herring to eat and sell. This raceway made way for more settlers to make a home here and they had 250 people by 1800. It is still there, and today the space is preserved. It is called “Dam Mill Park”.
During the revolutionary war, Mount Holly had a new reputation. Things here were exaggerated and commanded attention. In 1776, six hundred men, of The Continental Army marched into Mount Holly and set up camp. They added large artillery to the landscape and waited. Their legend quickly grew, and by the time the Hessian soldiers planned to engage a battle with the troop, rumors had their numbers to be over three thousand strong.

The Hessians considered this the largest threat in the area which they patrolled for the British, and so they moved in They battled the six hundred men for three days while Washington’s actual larger scaled army of troops attacked at Trenton. The Hessians realized this error and turned back but were not able to reach the British army in time to help.
The Americans were able to escape by night, so no battle was won by the Hessians at all here. This Mount Holly battle was named Iron Works Hill. That battle and those exaggerated troops boosted the moral of the entire cause, and is forever noted in history for aiding the win of the war for the Americans.

In 1793 Mount Holly’s reputation was so great, that the county seat was moved here from Burlington City. The courthouse was built by 1796 when it was made official. They established the Burlington Mount Holly railroad here in 1849. It connected NJ to Philadelphia across the Delaware river.

Today you can visit the Mount Holly Historic District and see all of the early commercial buildings industry brought. The original township was split up, into little egg harbor, Washington Township and Pemberton and a few others. What was left was named Mount Holly in 1931. It was named for the Holly trees that once covered the land.
Over 9,500 people currently call Mount Holly home. Hutchinson’s is happy to serve all of the residents here. Our local contractors bring heating & air conditioning services here with a smile and a guarantee. If Hutch sends a plumber, you can rest assured that the job was done right, the first time.

Our plumbers and HVAC contractors receive over one hundred hours of continuous training each year. This way you can be sure that you are getting the best. As a matter of fact, Hutchinson’s local contractors are known as being “expertly better” at our HVAC services and we win awards for our air conditioning and heating repairs and our excellent maintenance plans.

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