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Morton Borough is one of the oldest communities in Delaware County, dating back to a 1636 land grant. With a population of nearly 2,700, this tiny suburb sits just thirty minutes from both downtown Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware. The area was named after Judge Sketchley Morton, the son of John Morton who was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the original land surveyor in the area.

Morton, PA was initially part of both Ridley and Springfield Townships. Judge Morton had been an investor in Kendron, a new town founded along the West Chester Railroad Line. Unimpressed with its slow growth, he moved his sights to the Oakdale Post Office, the only one in Springfield Township. Morton applied for the postmaster job wishing to move the post office to Kendron.

Despite backlash from locals, Morton’s political clout secured him the position and the moved the post office, naming it “Morton” after himself. The name quickly replaced the original name of Kendron, however, Kedron Methodist Church kept its original name. Morton Borough officially separated from its adjoining townships in 1898, when it became incorporated as an independent municipality. This new-found freedom came at a price, as the borough amassed nearly three thousand dollars in debt to Springfield Township, which it eventually paid in 1910.

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Today, Morton is a quiet residential community with many families having lived here for generations. This close-knit area offers residents convenient public transportation options, as it sits on a SEPTA route with buses that run every 15 minutes. It also boasts clean parks, good schools, and low crime, making it a popular place to live for parents with young children.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing takes care of families that stay in communities like Morton. Four generations have been cared for by Hutch and our expertly better heating and air conditioning contractors. We started in 1948 and have been the local go-to for HVAC and plumbing services ever since. We are considered “Expertly better” because we have been doing this for seventy years and we’ve evolved along with each local community we serve.  We have a reputation for being fair, honest, clean and respectful. That means a lot to our company, so we make sure our contractors are the best.

We also guarantee our work, so you know we will get it done right, the first time.

During any service call by one of our plumbers or heating and air conditioning contractors, you will also get a written report. This is to show you our plan for your HVAC services and every cost, up front. Our expertly better plumbers and contractors will never leave you surprised, except by how great your services were!

We will report all of our findings and recommendations and show you the importance of each item. Some will note that they can wait until a more convenient time for you to budget them, and we will let you know when you need to fix something right away for the health and safety of your family. Hutchinson’s is a trusted name for generations because our local plumbers go the extra mile to keep your family comfortable at affordable prices.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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