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Morrisville is a quiet borough just thirty miles northeast of Philadelphia and directly across the Delaware River from Trenton, NJ. This residential community boasts one of the lowest crime rates in PA and is in close proximity other tourist areas.

The Dutch West India Company was the earliest known settlement in the area, in operation from 1624 to 1627. The area was originally known as Crewcorne and by the late 18th century a settlement began to form thanks to the formation of a ferry crossing.  On July 15, 1682, William Penn met with the Lenape Indians in the Graystones Forest, located in Morrisville, to negotiate the first land purchase in PA. There is a historical marker was erected on July 1929, by the Bucks County Historical Society.

In 1804 the settlement incorporated into a borough and took the name Morrisville in honor of the town’s Founding Father, Robert Morris, a merchant and banker who was a financier of the American Revolution. A bridge connecting the town to Trenton was built that same year.

During the Industrial Revolution, Morrisville became one of the main providers of steel, manufacturing, and rubber goods. A little-known fact about the town is that it was once considered for the Nation’s Capital thanks to campaign efforts by Robert Morris.

Today, Morrisville is home to about 7,000 families. While the Industrial Era has long gone, there are signs of revitalization all around. New and affordable apartments and amenities are being built. Despite the small size, the quaint borough does have its own school district. The Morrisville district serves students from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Our extremely talented plumbers and HVAC contractors have history behind us as well. Hutchinson was founded in 1948 and has been a leader in maintenance and repairing HVAC services since they began. We pass the training and experience down to every HVAC contractor and every plumber that we hire, so they can give expertly better services, from a complete home upgrade to a new stylish faucet. Call one of our heating and air conditioning experts today. We schedule all of our local services to your convenience, and you’ll always know the cost up front.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing continues to grow each year and we love serving our customer base of over eighty thousand residents and businesses. Most are repeat customers, keeping us going strong for seventy years of trusted local contractor services. Businesses like Lennox company, for example, gave Fred Hutchinson, third generation of the Hutchinson’s family, a lifetime achievement award. The highest honor Lennox has, was given to him for the dedication and contribution to the HVAC industry as a whole.

This award as well as many others are well deserved and greatly appreciated by the team of dedicated Hutchinson plumbers and HVAC contractors. You can find Fred in the Lennox Hall of Fame, and Hutchinson’s heating and air conditioning in “Best of South Jersey” list for the last fifteen years with, no doubt, more to come. Call Hutchinson today and schedule the maintenance that you’ve been putting off. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle later. We are happy to serve you.

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