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Merion Station, in Montgomery County PA, is an affluent, unincorporated community and a suburb of Philadelphia that connects with the larger Lower Merion Township. The region was settled in the late 1600’s by Welsh Quakers from Merionethshire in Wales, who shortened and adopted their old-world nomenclature for the new world. In fact, in 1695 those settlers built the Friends Meeting House which stands today as one of the most photographed and oldest Quaker meeting houses in the US. General Wayne Inn, built as a tavern in the early 1700’s also adds to the historical landscape.

If you have an older structure that houses your business or your family, you know they come with their own special heating and air conditioning needs. Many older homes feel ten degrees different in temperature with each flight of stairs. If this happens you may need some adjustments to your overall HVAC system. Hutchinson’s services are ready to help. Heating and air conditioning units are not one size fits all, nor do they work properly without the proper ductwork, insulation and ventilation. One of Hutchinson’s expertly better contractors may be able to make a simple adjustment that can have your home running more efficiently and comfortably for your family. When you feel refreshed, and your home is running efficiently, you have more time for activities you enjoy, like going to the park or a museum. 

Perhaps Merion’s most significant claim to fame is as the original home of The Barnes Foundation. In the 1920’s, millionaire Albert Barnes had amassed and displayed a staggering collection of impressionist art that brought tourists from all over the world. Though the display has since moved to the city of Philadelphia, the Barnes legacy will forever be associated with Merion Station. Civic involvement is one of the pride points of the Merion citizens. The Merion Civic Association has worked to preserve the history and culture of the town while continuing to drive measured development and improvement of the area.

Aesthetically, the town is known for its many sprawling mansions. Also, the town has plenty of parks and recreation spaces including General Wayne Park. For families, there are a variety of cultural touchstones such as museums, churches, and synagogues. Of course, the urban landscapes of Philadelphia proper are only minutes away for the more adventurous residents.

Whether you live in a mansion or a condo, a plumbing emergency can strike. When you need a plumber right away, Hutchinson is your best choice, because we have been the local experts in this area for over seventy years. We take care of many Merion Station families and are always dependable for an HVAC emergency. Hutchinson plumbers build on for generations of experience, and continuous education that keeps our name winning prestigious awards year after year.

Our local contractors are certified to provide official Energy Star audits that can get your home on the path to being recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as an Energy Star home. There aren’t many plumbing companies who are certified in Energy Star services, and only Hutchinson can say we are among the top three in the nation for completed energy projects. We know the best way to get it done and save you money while helping the environment.

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