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Media, PA is everybody’s hometown. They say that for a reason, it really has a hometown vibe. There is a healthy mix of culture and wealth here. All summer you can see people from all walks of life enjoying the “Dining Under the Stars” event, held every Wednesday. From State Street to Jackson, the streets are closed and lined with tables and fine dining. Enjoy your wine as in you’re in Paris without leaving the comfort of Delaware County.

Summer isn’t the only time to visit Media if you aren’t lucky enough to call this place home. There are local jazz nights and music festivals throughout the year. Craft shows, and quaint shops line the streets all year, making a great day to stroll and dine out. 

It all started when William Penn started to create his planned communities in 1681. There was a “lease and release” program. Thomas Minshall bought one of these leases from England, then came here to find his land. Then the area was called the Village of Providence. Peter and William Taylor bought rest of the land in Media, but it was Minshall that built the first log cabin, and brought in the blacksmith, barns and got the farms going.

Quakers farmed the land and built their Meeting house. This particular Providence Friends Meeting House is known for its activity during the Civil war, helping people escaping on the underground railroad. Harriet Tubman herself is said to have guided the ex-slaves as she worked with a close neighbor Thomas Garrett. After the war some of the freed slaves came back to Media, and worked with the Quakers, becoming some of the founding citizens here with a safe home for their families.

Media became the County Seat during a time when the land was being used for well to do families as a summer resort. Hotels and fine dining started early here, so did the respect for the community. In1848 forty-eight acres were meticulously planned to become the town’s center. The streets were designed around a central courthouse. This was to be the central court of justice for Delaware County. Media is said to be named for its central location in Delaware County. It was incorporated and became the county seat in the same year, 1850. It also became a dry town with no alcohol allowed within its borders that year.

The railroad came in 1854, and with it came politicians, giving speeches at the station to the townspeople. Woodrow Wilson campaigned here. Later it became a center for the arts. The media Theater opened in 1927, when Vaudeville was popular. It transitioned many times since and still is enjoyed today as the Media theater for the Performing Arts. Media has since been newsworthy for an FBI scandal and for being the first fair trade town. It has an official fair-trade certification, and the best coffee around.

People come to Media for the home town feel, for court dates, and for fun days out. Hutchinson’s plumbing and HVAC contractors come to Media to care for the residents here. We keep the heating and air conditioning running around here, and these 5,300 + residents demand their comfort. That’s no problem for the expertly better local contractors of Hutchinson’s Plumbing. We are not only HVAC specialist and have seventy years of experience, we are certified by the US environmental Protection Agency to complete Energy Star Projects. We know the fine folks in Media are on the cutting edge and want a green footprint. Call for our Audit services today! All of our heating and air conditioning contractors are available for your services 24/7.

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