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Mantua Township, NJ is a suburban residential community thirty minutes outside of Philadelphia, PA. The pristine community was formed in 1853 from portions of Greenwich Township and while the town’s early European settlers are unknown, they do have a unique and diverse history. 

Mantua, NJ took its name from Mantua Creek which forms its northeastern boundary and was the chief source of navigation and transportation for the Native Americans and early settlers that inhabited the land.

Mantua’s earliest recorded history dates to 1812 when there were just sixteen dwellings in the town. John and William Tonkin owned a large frame house that was kept as a tavern by Mrs. Taylor, the house keep for the Tonkin brothers. The Mantua canning establishment was built by John Colbert in 1880 and packed thousands of cans of fruit each season. By 1883, the village had grown to four general stores, one hotel, a Methodist Episcopal Church, school-house, and approximately 13 shops and mills. 

The Thomas Carpenter House, located at the corner of Main and Martel Street was owned by early American glassmaker, Thomas Carpenter. He was a devout Quaker who played a distinguished role in the American Revolution. While his religious doctrine kept him from fighting, he was able to assist by serving in legal, financial, and logistical roles. After the war, Carpenter relocated from Cooper’s Point to Mantua and purchased the home which still stands here.

If you have an old home, Hutchinson’s expert local HVAC contractors can not only repair your heating and ac when it is broken, but can make your charming old place more efficient and comfortable. A simple change to the vents of a large home can create a shocking reduction in energy use and savings in cost. We consider the size and age of your space before we recommend anything. For example one of our expertly better plumbers will let you know if you are considering the right water heater.

Replacing a boiler that was taxed and not efficient with the same sized unit could recreate the same issues in the future. Having a unit that is too large could cause an issue with the plumbing and use more energy, without adding to your comfort. Let us do an energy audit, and make you an Energy Star home. Mantua has a lot of ties to fossils, but your HVAC and plumbing systems shouldn’t be some of them.

Today, Mantua is home to The Rowan University Fossil Park, a 65-acre quarry that contains thousands of fossils and provides researchers with a window into the Cretaceous Period, the heyday of the dinosaurs. While scientists conduct research at the park, the site is also an educational center for people of all ages interested in experiencing the thrill of hands-on exploration. Community dig days give citizens the opportunity to search for fossils and participate in the excitement of scientific discovery.

Tall Pines State Preserve is a 111-acre state park that is located along the border of Mantua Township. In the 1950’s the land was made into a golf course and was eventually sold to a development company in 2006. Locals and interested groups created a fundraiser to stop the purchase and restore the land back to the national preserve. Currently, the park offers more than four miles of dog-friendly walking trails.

Hutchinson’s friendly contractors understand your family deserves to be comfortable, even your pets. When your ac or heating is broken, it is an emergency, and Hutchinson’s services are available to you 24/7. We are the expertly better HVAC people that bring you seventy years of plumbing experience.

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