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We at Hutchinson’s Plumbing feel right at home when we get a call for a plumber in Magnolia, NJ. It’s known as “One square mile of friendliness”and that resonates with us. That’s over 4,000 friendly customers that we can provide heating and air conditioning services for.

Following the known documentation for the area, from the time NJ was established, you can see that Magnolia was once a lush woodland, abundant with fish and wildlife. The partial was named for the Magnolia trees that grew here while the friendly Lenni-Lenape lived in the area. Eventually the land was sold and divided into land sections, sold by William Penn. 

Magnolia was first settled in 1685, as a piece of the property belonging to William Albertson Sr., who passed it along to four more generations of William Albertson’s. The generations of Abertson’s kept passing it along. Today you can still see a huge marble cornerstone on a house with twenty rooms on Evesham Road on the Magnolia Borough line. It reads: “Built by Josiah Albertson 1743, rebuilt by Chalkley Albertson 1865.

Chalkley Albertson was involved in creating the White Horse Turnpike Company and he started the process to incorporate a Bridge Company. The family went on to be a well-known name in Camden county in multiple towns, kind of like Hutchinson’s has since 1948!

Though ownership of the land changed many times over the course of its settlement, the township’s love and respect for education, family, and progress did not. Through the influence of its owners, Magnolia became a stop along the Pennsylvania and Atlantic railroad. Now the home of the home of the Historical Society of Magnolia, the train station features displays of interesting artifacts and pictures including historical maps, ledgers, and business records that are open to the public. You can attend the Spring or Fall events there every year. You may see one of our HVAC vans nearby if you do. There is always one of our qualified plumbers close by.

If you have an emergency, our staff is on hand ready to save the day! Our HVAC technicians are highly-qualified and skilled in heating, repairs, air conditioning repairs, installations, maintenance, drain cleaning & more. Our team has earned numerous awards. We are dedicated to providing our customers in NJ, and the surrounding communities with energy saving air conditioning services.

Hutchinson’s guiding principles have always been to deliver on their promises, give affordable prices, get the job done right the first time, and treat every customer with a smile and with respect. We are members of an elite group of area contractors that participate in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program. We offer a wide variety of air conditioning services, both residential and commercial, to fit the specific needs of homeowners and business entities alike. Whether you are looking to install a whole new cooling system, or simply repair your current unit, you can trust our reliable team to get the job done.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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