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Hutchinson’s local contractors love getting calls for our plumbing, heating and air conditioning services in Lumberton Township. We love being the first choice for HVAC repairs and installations here. After all, Lumberton is a place that is well known for its firsts.

This was the first town in NJ to have a school bus for school kids. They were also one of the first in NJ to provide a hot lunch program, the lunches were made by a few parents at the time, but the idea grew and now is all over the state and country. Back in 1918 at the first school in Lumberton Township, there were four class rooms. Now the district serves well over two thousand students. 

Innovations can be seen in the town landmarks, such as the Old Town Hall building. It was constructed to be the ‘Junior order of American Mechanics Lodge’ where new technologies were propagated through the State. Hutchinson’s local contractors spread the newest HVAC technology throughout New Jersey today. Later that lodge became the municipal building and remained that until 1882. It is now the Ridgeway A. Gaun community center, museum and historical society. It was renamed for a beloved town clerk.

Lumberton was once known for innovative steamboats like the famous “wave” and ‘Barclay” boats. The Rancocas Creek runs through here and was a hub of travel and transportation. It was this same creek that made it possible to run the saw mill and transport lumber from the dense forests here. That trade created the town’s namesake.

The pine lumber felled from lumberton is said to have built Philadelphia. After much of the land was clear cut, it made way for farms and settlements. There were two main towns that split the area, Eayrestown in the 1600’s held the gristmills, and Fostertown in 1735 held the tailors and shoemakers.

Through the years more history happened here, and during the abolition movement there was a much used false well. They dug it with no water underneath. There was a chute instead, for fleeing people to slide down and hide until a safe passage through the underground railroad arrived and took them to Canada.

That house with the well was built by D.B. Cole of the eventual Colestown, and the land for the home was purchased from the Moores of the eventual Moorestown. Another naming fun fact about Lumberton is that it was home to Project Nike. That is not the running shoes Nike.

Nike later renamed Nike Ajax was the first surface to air missile. Missiles were kept here in case of a nuclear war! Missiles would have been launched from Lumberton to prevent a Soviet Union attack on the Philadelphia area. It could travel subsonic speeds.

We at Hutchinson know all about air conditioning, not air strikes, and we can get to Lumberton to do an HVAC service call very fast, 24/7, 7 days a week. If you have a plumbing or heating emergency, call us for services! We are not subsonic, but we can keep your sub-basement from flooding with a sump pump or fix a leak in a jiffy. Call 1-888-927-3130, or fill out a contact form for immediate, ac repair services, or for our local emergency plumbing repair services. We get it done right, the first time.

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