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Hutchinson’s local contractors have an affection for small towns like Linwood. We identify with taking extra care with what you have, and our plumbers and heating experts also make the most out of small spaces and what we have to work with. Just like creating a renowned arboretum from one acre, we have become award winning, recognized leaders in New jersey by completing exceptional HVAC and plumbing jobs, one home at a time.

Our contractors arrive to a heating or air conditioning service call on time, clean and prepared. We won’t leave grease tracks on your floor, or any mess at all. We also won’t leave you with any surprises. Before we do any HVAC services, you will get a report about everything your services include. Our plumbers are honest and knowledgeable. Every cost is shown up front, and we even mention what services might wait until a more convenient time for you, with the important things that must be done immediately. Your comfort and safety are a priority to our heating and air conditioning contractors. 

Linwood, NJ is primarily a residential community with just over 7,000 residents. Originally incorporated in 1889, the borough was again incorporated in 1931. The city was first known as Leedsville until 1880, but the US Postal Service requested the name change because it conflicted with an existing post office in NJ. Residents were given multiple names to consider and ultimately settled on Linwood. It is known for beautiful homes with lush lawns and a great park system. Most residents are business professionals and executives working outside of the city.

Linwood is situated between the Patcong Creek and Scull Bay. Because of its proximity to waterways, the town includes both coastal and freshwater wetlands. They have also been successful in preserving the marshlands which support a substantial wildlife population. The area is home to two, state-listed endangered bird species and two state-listed threatened species.

Bald eagle sightings have also become common along the creek and coastal marshlands. Hutchinson’s services include Energy Star Audits that are part of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s plan for an energy sustainable future. We are happy to be participating in servicing this environmentally conscience community.

One of the city’s most beautiful attractions is the Linwood Arboretum. Affectionately dubbed “the smallest arboretum in the world,” it’s less than an acre in size, but due to its location across from a middle school and adjacent to a popular bicycle path, it’s put squarely in the public eye. The gardens contain plants that are less common in the area. Instead of going with traditional spring and summer blooming varieties, the arboretum placed an emphasis on plants from both North America and East Asia that bloom in the fall.

Linwood’s original one-room school house was built in 1873 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Currently it is home to the Leedsville School Museum and his ran by the Linwood Historical Society. The Historical Society also operates the James Kirk Maritime Museum. This museum is found in the basement of the current Linwood library and is focused on the town’s history of shipbuilding and shell fishing.

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