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Named for the Marquess of Lansdowne, this borough would like you to know that it is not spelled Landsdowne, but Lansdowne. There are over ten thousand residents that have to correct people for spelling it wrong. Hutchinson’s Plumbing and HVAC contractors will get it right. We always treat our customers with courtesy and respect. We also show up on time and at an appointment made to be convenient for your schedule.

Lansdowne is often called “Philadelphia’s original streetcar suburbs”. This town has it all, beauty, architecture, charm and wonderful people. Not a lot has changed since the bygone day when these Victorian homes were considered resort getaways. The community offers walking tours, so you can take in the lovely lands and get a sense of what this town offers. The commerce area still has small mom & pop shops as well as cultural treasures. Lansdowne has its own symphony orchestra, a theater, and clubs. 

There are nine parks and playgrounds in these 1.2 square miles. There are often concerts, parades, and festivals. The Lansdowne theater is well known and so are many homes in the historical district. There are beautiful churches and even a Holiday House. One of the favorite things to see in Delaware County is the three hundred fifty-year-old sycamore trees, it is one of the largest in the whole state. The tree out dates European settlers.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing contractor’s love coming to Lansdowne and we respect your dedication to keeping this town an eco-friendly, tight-knit community. Hutch provides tools for you to keep your home’s carbon footprint as green as possible. One easy thing you can do to keep your energy bills down and your plumbing and HVAC equipment running efficiently is simply to give your furnace and boiler a tune-up. Regular maintenance services will do wonders for your appliances and for your home’s comfort. One of Hutchinson’s local contractors can provide an inexpensive alternative to having a major emergency break down the road.

If, however, your heating or air conditioning acts up unexpectedly, or if you have a plumbing emergency, Hutch is always available 24/7 and will get you fixed right away. Meanwhile, keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees in the winter, and 72 in the summer will also be a responsible way to do your ecological part, as well as avoid taxing your HVAC. Anything you can do to lower your energy bills and to prevent a breakdown of an overworked air conditioning or heating system is worth it.

Our local HVAC contractors have four generations of experience with heating and air conditioning, combined with continuing education that each is required to achieve each year. This makes our HVAC services the best in the local area and keeps families returning through generations. When Lansdowne needs a plumber, they simply call Hutch. Our plumbing and HVAC experts will make sure you’re safe and ready for the seasons. Give us a call!

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