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Kennett Square, PA once was part of a gift from William Penn to his children, William Jr., and Leititia Penn. Townships were slowly carved out of their land by 1705, one being Kennett Township, named for Kennett England. In 1770, the town was split, Kennett and Pennsbury townships were created. The center square mile of the remaining township was called Kennett Square and was incorporated in 1855. There were already six hundred six residents at the time.

Today there are ten times that many people, over six thousand residents live here in Kennett Square. It has become known for being the “Mushroom Capital of the World”. That happened as a secondary crop, when a florist, William Swayne was growing carnations and roses. 

He made greenhouses and at first, used the dirt under his flowers to grow the mushrooms. He noticed that he got a great price for them at market and soon dedicated entire greenhouses for their optimal growth. Soon, others followed his lead and they began exporting to the cities. Nearby, another man growing mushrooms made a new way for penicillin to be manufactured.

The flowers and horticulture still dominated the area too, even as mushrooms took the top spot and center stage away from the carnations. Today you can visit beautiful Longwood Gardens, which showcases acres of plants and flowers in every season, indoors and out. The grove of gorgeous trees there were the product of George Peirce when it was called Peirce’s Park. The estate has history since around 1700.

Another notable place in Kennett’s history is The Longwood Meeting House. Started with religious roots, it held important speakers throughout the centuries. Debates and speeches about slavery abolition, equal rights for women, taxes, and any other hot topics of the day. Kennett Square like many local towns had hidden stops on the Underground Railroad, leading people to freedom. With such a rich history, it is no wonder Kennett Square is such a popular town.

Kennett Square is a great place to visit and tour wineries, and it’s also a great place to live. The residents here are the people that Hutchinson’s plumbing takes care of. We have been coming to the local area for four generations of business since 1948. Our plumbing & HVAC contractors are considered expertly better because they are. Call us for any heating and air conditioning services you may need.

Our local contractors provide a written, detailed report before we start any job to let you know which we will do and the exact cost. We don’t give any surprises. We will only list the exact things that must be done immediately for your safety and to get you running again, and let you decide when the other services can fit into your budget.

We will let you know if there are any hazards you need to be aware of, such as asbestos, gas leaks or mold. Your safety and comfort is our biggest concern, followed by efficiency. We can go as far as to get your heating and air conditioning certified with an Energy Star Rating. We will show up with a smile to install a new state of the art HVAC system to a large corporate building, or to change the air filter in your home each month. Trust Hutch.

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