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Juliustown, NJ is a small family-oriented town with a little under 500 residents. It is a part of Springfield Township, NJ. Springfield was one of the original one hundred four townships designated in 1998 as official NJ territory. Before that, it was named in 1688, and then claimed by Royal Charter in 1713. Springfield Township was named for the springs here.

This area is considered New Jersey’s farm belt. It is the heart of farmland in Burlington County. Today open spaces and farmland are being preserved by the good people of Juliustown and the surrounding areas. Future generations will remember this time as important for making these choices to be environmentally friendly. We at Hutchinson’s are also environmentally aware and certified to help keep things clean and efficient. 

We are members of an elite group of area contractors that participate in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program. We approach home comfort using criteria from the Department of Environmental Protection. Our rigorous training standards assure your system will always be installed correctly and operating at peak efficiency.

Hutchinson’s guiding principles have always been to deliver on their promises, give affordable prices, get the job done right the first time, and treat every customer with a smile and with respect. We offer a wide variety of heating and ac services, both residential and commercial, to fit the specific needs of homeowners and business entities alike. Whether you are looking to install a whole new cooling system, or simply repair your current unit, you can trust our reliable team to get the job done. Juliustown’s residents will be treated right, with up front pricing and efficient services, done with a smile.

Juliustown is one of the three J’s Jobstown, Juliustown and Jacksonville. The three combined in the township make over thirty miles in land mass. 3,500 people live in Springfield Township, and Hutchinson is happy to provide any and all of them with an exceptional plumber or with HVAC contractor’s when the situation occurs that calls for them.

A deed dated as far back as 1685 calls Juliustown the South side of “The old weaver’s hill” near the home of an “old weaver under the hill”. He is assumed to be a man named John Ewan. He owned an old brick house that was built by a farmer and his son “Julius”.

Juliustown’s legacy goes on from a man who once worked hard, and Hutchinson’s comes from two brothers who worked hard. Our history doesn’t go back to 1685, but we are proud to have served South jersey residents for seventy years. George II and Bill Hutchinson started their legacy family business in 1948. It has grown and made the American dream possible for many local heating and ac contractors, as well as their own family ever since.
The Hutchinson brothers don’t have a town named after them just yet, but give us a few years, and check back. I’m sure we will still be servicing this quaint area with our award-winning HVAC services and certified, courteous plumbers.

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