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Jobstown, NJ is a small town in Springfield Township, Burlington County. It started being settled with deed records as early as 1683. Prior to that is most likely was a Lenni- Lenape village called “Oneaniken”. In 1688 Springfield Township was purchased from “the council of proprietors”. In 1713 it was founded by a Royal Charter, and again officially by New Jersey State in 1798.

Springfield split up into three main sections, which included what it now Jobstown. The land in the township was surveyed, bought and sold several times in the following century but one thing always remained, the quality of the land. The land was considered special, with alluvial soil and is considered the best for farming. 

The area may have been named Springfield for its copious springs, or by nostalgic Connecticut settlers. The space was covered in natural meadows and fertile growth that cattle grazed on. They called it “a goodlie country”, and it was known for its “honest and intelligent people”. We at Hutchinson’ agree that the people here are honest and intelligent, and we are happy to provide our plumbers expertise and professional HVAC services to them.

For three hundred years this land was known for growing wheat, cereals, and other agricultural staples. Jobstown was named about two hundred years ago. Today some of the farms are gone, and the land has been restored to natural spaces.

We provide heating and plumbing services to about eight hundred people here, and over three thousand in this thirty-mile township. From a farm field to the Redwing airport, we send the best local plumbers to this beautiful countryside. The people who live here work in neighboring towns and enjoy their pristine place in the world.

When our bright Hutchinson vans travel down Route 537 to repair someone’s ac unit in Jobstown, we love to take in the scenery. We appreciate the leadership Springfield Township takes in preserving the open spaces. We have our own ways of helping NJ stay green.

Hutchinson has the official credentials to operate using the Home Performance with Energy Star Program. This is a program run by the department of environmental protection to keep homes running more efficiently and stay green long into the future. You can have a typical inspection during one of Hutchinson’s routine HVAC service calls, or you can schedule an energy audit.

This is a “whole system approach”, where we consider all aspects that effect your home energy use. You’ll find hidden opportunities for energy savings and improved air quality in your home. We can recommend entire ac and heating units, plus find all of the thermal leaks to prevent any more energy waste.

Hutchinson is proud of our service contractors, and we keep them busy learning the newest technology and HVAC techniques. Our people are second to none, and that is why we are considered “Expertly better” than other contractors in our local area. You can be sure our employees will arrive on time and with a smile while fixing your plumbing the right way, the first time.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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