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Horsham, PA is a small town inside of Horsham Township, Montgomery County. Horsham is named after Horsham in Sussex England. William Penn engineered the town’s borders in his first draft of the colonization of Pennsylvania.

They planed the lines at equal increments so that future roads would easily make sense later. Horsham Road and Welsh Road follow his early plan. In 1864 plots of land were sold to new landowners. The Township wasn’t enacted until 1717 when the settlers who had settled on the plot of five hundred acres purchased by Samuel Carpenter, voted. 

The population didn’t start to follow the growth plan until later, after 1722 when other roads were established. A community called Horshamington sat at the Easton and Horsham Roads crossing, and the townspeople built a Friends Meeting House there. The population of the Township centered at the same place, but it wasn’t until the railroad came through in 1872. Thereafter the township grew and eventually became home to many aviation enthusiasts and military bases.

Harold Pitcairn opened the Pitcairn airfield in Horsham in 1926, and was tasked with delivering air-mail along the eastern seaboard. He also held air shows. Along the way, he formed Eastern Airlines, developed companies and became a pit-stop for celebrities when he threw extravagant parties. Guests like Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh would be in attendance. Eventually, his original airfield was turned into a Naval Air Station in 1942.

That station was expanded to the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (NAS-JRB). It ran as a military air hub for all branches of the military for sixty eight years until 2011. Still remaining is the Horsham Air Guard Station, run by the Army Reserve, Air Force Reserves, and Air National Guard on a two hundred acre site. The rest of the Naval facility is gone, and in an ongoing redevelopment process with the local community. When it is finished it should include a conservation center, parks and some new developments. Horsham also contains over eight hundred acres of recreational parks and bike trails with sports and playground equipment.

Horsham is a great place to raise a family. Hutchinson’s plumbing makes it our priority to keep families comfortable. When your air conditioning or heating unexpectedly has a glitch, it usually comes at the worst possible time. Hutchinson’s HVAC contractors will come right to the rescue, any time day or night. Call us 24/7. There is nothing worse than having the temperature change drastically in the middle of the night, or wake up to a frozen pipe.

Our HVAC contractors are experts and will get you up and running right away. Our professionals always show up on time, clean and at your convenience. We make appointments according to your time schedule and always show courtesy. Hutchinson’s contractors are highly trained and our services come with a guarantee so you know we get it right the first time.

Hutchinson’s has the utmost respect for military families and appreciate your service. We understand that time at home with your family is precious and we are happy to help you keep your home comfortable and running efficiently. Have us check the maintenance on your heating and air conditioning today, or check out our tips section for handyman tricks you can do on your own until you need a professional. Call us for all your plumbing services!

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