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Holmes, PA is a small community in Ridley Township. Like many of the towns here, it got its start as a getaway from the city folk in Philadelphia. The city was going through many changes and growing pains in the mid to late 1800s. These pains included odors. Odors came from the many horses that were the main form of travel until Benz made the first family car in 1886. Odors also came from the sewers and the shipyards. With the incoming shipments came diseases too, including Malaria. People wanted fresh air. Ridley Township had plenty of it.

The area was discovered for its recreational use around 1870 when Robert Morris Copeland planned the “Darby Improvement” train line that would connect Chester to Philadelphia. Open parks and spaces for recreation were abundant and just a few train stops away. The easily accessible suburbs made Holmes an easy choice for a getaway. 

Holmes is named for a farm that was owned and used by the Holmes family for one hundred years before it became a residential area for the many. The actual location of the farm is rumored to be right where the Mac Dade Mall sat. One beloved landmark replaced by another.

The land was well known and loved by the Holmes family. Their two daughters shaped the heart of the town by starting a Sunday school here. They petitioned and held many meetings with the surrounding farmers and sparse residents. Eventually, they created the “the Holmes Presbyterian Sabbath School” in 1897. by 1906 they grew a congregation and were able to build their own chapel. By 1912 it was officially recognized as a Presbyterian Church and a pastor was assigned to it.

The church operated and helped the township get through the hard times of the depression, often holding social gatherings and plays and musicals to keep the community united and in good spirits. It wasn’t until after WWII that the population grew, and the land was divided up and developed into the Holmes we have today.

Hutchinson’s plumbers and expertly better HVAC contractors drive their brightly colored air conditioning vans up Mac Dade BLVD. to Holmes often. Whenever a family here needs their heating and air conditioning checked, we are the go-to company. Hutchinson’s services are renowned for being better than the rest, and our contractors are courteous and reliable.

Our local experts will give you a written report with every call for one of our plumbers to come out. The report will let you know what services we recommend for the future and what services you have to take care of right away for health safety and to get you running again. It also lets you know all of the costs, up front, with no surprises.

Hutchinson’s expert heating and air conditioning contractors are trained with the added quality of seventy years of local family business experience. Each HVAC technician also has an additional one hundred hours of required training every year they work with our company. You can rest assured knowing that our local contractors are highly qualified to get your home running with the best, and most economical services for your plumbing and other needs.

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