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Heislerville, NJ sits tucked away in the corner of land between the Maurice River and the Delaware Bay. Matt’s Landing Road is a well-traveled connection, first laid out by the trails of the Lenni Lenape People long before Europeans settled here in the early 1700s. Oyster harvesting and farming were the first industries in the area. George Heisler Jr. is the town’s namesake. He made his home here in 1793 and started the Methodist community meetings here.

In 1849 the Maurice River Light was built, becoming a beacon for the county. The only other lighthouse was the Sandy Hook Light, which is the oldest in New Jersey, putting Heislerville’s in second place. The waterways and later, the trains were used to transport salt hay from the local area to accommodate livestock and fertilize gardens. Large shipments of oysters and strawberries also left the train station on Matt’s Landing Road. 

The Maurice River Neck, also called “the Glade”, surrounds a part of Heislerville, as well as the now flooded Thompson’s Beach and the old Cadwallader Estate, which is now the Heislerville Wildlife Management Area. The old estate is linked to a grand hotel that once stood across from the lighthouse. “The Zane” only exists in photographs now, as it burned to the ground in 1900. Inside of the town you’ll find about two hundred residential homes but no businesses. Most residents work at one of the three nearby prisons, Bayside, Southwoods & Southern State.

A visit to Heislerville will thrill nature enthusiasts, with hundreds of acres of protected wetlands and birds for miles. A must see is the old Maurice River Light, which still stands, now called the East Point Light. It is operated remotely but a few days a month you can tour it. The locals warn to see it soon because it is in danger of being swept away by the tides.

Today you are still welcome to hike and enjoy the plentiful bird watching. There is also an unofficial “bird island” where thousands of birds rest and sing, and across the river is a town called Shellpile, named for the clam processing plant there. There are lots of birds feasting on the piles of discarded shells before they are recycled and used in building local roads.

The crabbing here is supposed to be the best around, in the season of course. When the fun and recreation is over, everyone wants the comfort of home. That is when Hutchinson’s expert contractors enter the picture.

Our team of expert contractors take care of the residents of Heislerville, like Hutchinson’s plumbing and HVAC services have been doing for four generations. We check your home for any signs of danger, from gas leaks to mold or asbestos risk, then we get to work. We’ll take a look at your heating and air conditioning first.

You’ll receive a written report before we start to let you know which services we will do, and the exact cost. We don’t give you any surprises. You know up front. We also do a quick check of things that will help your plumbing and HVAC work better but can wait until a later date. We will only list the exact things that must be done immediately for your safety and to get you running again, and let you decide when the other services can fit into your budget.

Our expertly better local contractors will get your heating or air conditioning up and running again quickly and correctly. Our services are the best in the local area by far.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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