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Havertown is a small residential community within Haverford Township. Sitting approximately just nine miles west of Center City Philadelphia, this blue-collar neighborhood is adjacent to some of the most affluent neighborhoods on the Main Line. Founded by Welsh Quakers during the 1681 land grant to William Penn, the new settlers of Haverford selected the name after Haverfordwest in Whales.

This land was primarily used for agriculture until the early twentieth century when railroads were introduced area. Havertown was home to many Irish settlers. This change in landscape also brought about the first planned communities to the region. Irish immigration found its way to Haverford in three phases: during the 19th-century mill era, the 20th-century railroad communities, and during the post-World War II suburban housing boom. 

Many credit the early arrival of Irish in the area to Dennis Kelly. Kelly, born in Ireland, arrived in Philadelphia in 1806. He owned a series of mills along Karakung Creek that attracted the first Irish Catholics to the area. After Kelly, each additional wave of Irish immigrants was more substantial than the one before it, which has led to Haverford ranking in the top sixty US municipalities in percentage of population with Irish ancestry.

In 1947, the Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corporation was formed, and gum was manufactured in Havertown. Their initial product was the iconic “Swell” brand pink bubble gum that was sold in a twist wrap for a penny. The company worked with the National Football League from 1964 to 1967 to produce trading cards of top athletes. Tootsie Roll industries acquired the plant in 2004, closing it shortly after. The chewing gum plant was demolished in 2004 and the Haverford YMCA was built in its place.

Today, Havertown is a safe community that is home to over thirty outdoor parks and playing fields. It is home to the Havertown Ice Skatium, a multi-use ice rink, and several historic sites, such as the Lawrence cabin, located along Cobbs Creek. School-aged children are serviced by the School District of Haverford Township, one of the top districts in the state of Pennsylvania. This is a great place for families to live. Hutchinson’s Plumbing takes care of these families.

When your family is experiencing the hottest days of summer or the coldest days of winter, you need your heating and air conditioning to work. There is no comfort in a freezing cold home when your pipes may burst! That is why you should trust your plumbing and HVAC maintenance to Hutch. Our contractors are considered expertly better, and our services prove that to be true.

Our main goal is your family’s comfort, followed by your home’s efficiency.

Our local contractors will give you a written report with every call for one of our plumbing or HVAC services. The report will let you know what services we recommend for the future and what services you have to take care of right away for health safety and to get you running again. It also lets you know all of the costs, up front, with no surprises.

Hutchinson’s expert heating and air conditioning contractors are trained with the added quality of seventy years of local family business experience. Each technician also has an additional one hundred hours of required training every year they work with our company. You can rest assured knowing that our local contractors are highly qualified to get your home running with the best, and most economical services for your plumbing and other needs.

If you have an emergency, our staff is on hand ready to save the day! With Hutchinson, you are always in good hands!

The Hutchinson difference: Hutchinson has been providing expert heating repair service and installation since 1948. We approach home comfort using criteria from the Department of Environmental Protection’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. Plus Hutchinson’s rigorous training standards assure your system will be installed correctly and operating at peak efficiency.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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