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Haverford, PA is properly called “The Township of Haverford”, named after Haverfordwest in Wales, UK. There are prestigious golf clubs here, as well as beautiful creeks and fabulous school districts. The people here are first class.

The first thing named Haverford was a gristmill called Haverford New Mill on the Darby Creek in 1707. The mill was in operation until 1904, with the addition of a sawmill. There were many mills in the area, giving the location an important early industrial place in Delaware County. On Cobbs Creek, there was a powder mill, creating needed black powder in built-in 1810. It became the second largest in the country, marking Haverford’s contribution to the industrial revolution. There were mills dotting the creeks, rivers and local businesses symbiotic to them dotting the countryside. 

Eventually, the railroad came and changed everything. With it came the “Main Line” era, pouring wealthy estate builders into the area, and shriveling the need for the waterway travel. With them went the usefulness of the mills.

Soon golf courses, residential developments, and schools of every sort replaced the view here. Haverford College is an important staple today. There is also the Merion Cricket Club, one of the oldest running country clubs in the United States. On their wall, you can see a plaque featuring Alexander Johnson Cassatt. He was the president of the Pennsylvania railroad, and he had an estate here. It was his idea to add the green and yellow metal street signs throughout the Haverford neighborhood, as well as add the granite curbstones.

Today there are over 48,000 residents living in Haverford Township. Hutchinson’s local contractors are the heating and air conditioning experts these residents choose.

Hutchinson’s local contractors are expertly better, and that is proven every day with our repeat customers. Many of our customers span over generations who put their trust in our plumbing and HVAC services. We are in our fourth generation of this family business and have been building our expertise for seventy years.

Whether you live in a mansion or a condo, a plumbing emergency can strike. When you need a plumber right away, Hutchinson is your best choice, because we have been the local experts in this area for over seventy years. We take care of many Haverford Township families and are always dependable for an HVAC emergency. Hutchinson plumbers build our reputation on experience and continuous education that keeps our name winning prestigious awards year after year.

Our local contractors are certified to provide official Energy Star audits that can get your home on the path to being recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as an Energy Star home. There aren’t many plumbing companies who are certified in Energy Star services, and only Hutchinson can say we are among the top three in the nation for completed energy projects. Your heating and air conditioning will be more efficient and comfortable than ever. We know the best way to get it done and save you money while helping the environment.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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