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Nicholas More bought Hatboro in 1704 from William Penn himself. He then issued land to settlers seven years later. A man named John Dawson was a prominent early resident and a hat manufacturer. His favorite tavern was called the Crooked Billet. There is a map of the area from 1749 that shows the town with the name of Hatboro on it, so Dawson’s reputation and industry had taken on a name of its own.

There are also some who think the town was once called Crooked Billet. A map from 1759 refers to the same place as Billet. Even General Washington referred to the place as Billet, but he may have been referring to the Billet Tavern where many meetings were held. There was also a Battle of Crooked Billet in 1778. 

British letters designated it as Hatborough, as well as a map they made dated 1792. With all of the confusion surrounding which name came first, the general consensus is that it was always Hatboro, but patrons of the Tavern called that area Billet. The Crooked Billet area is just East of York Road today.

In 1809, the post office called the town Hatborough, until John Wanamaker changed it finally to Hatboro in 1880. Famous buildings on the Hatboro registry are the first bank -Loller Academy circa 1873, The Union Company Library 1851 -whose company was founded one hundred years prior to the building, and The Mander Stove Company in 1915.

Today Hatboro is a nice family oriented town with many parks for the children to play and a public pool with a top-notch swim team. The over 7,300 residents here can count on Hutchinson’s Plumbing for all of their HVAC needs. We are known for our heating and air conditioning services being expertly better than our competition.

All of our services come with a written report that you receive prior to us doing any of the work in your home or business. You will know, in advance, our recommendations, what repairs or replacements are required to get you running again, and what repairs, maintenance or adjustments can wait until another time. This way, you can schedule all of the work according to what is most convenient for you. Hutchinson’s expert contractors never have any unexpected surprises or costs. Everything is up front, in the written report. We also provide financing.

When you need a plumber, our contractors are the best in the business, we get it done right the first time. We guarantee our work, so you know we won’t have to come back for the same thing. Make an appointment that is convenient for your schedule, or call for an emergency and we will help 24/7.

If you don’t think you need a plumber just yet, check out our tips and tricks to keep you going that you can do yourself on this site. Our professionals will still be here for the big items that you need, and a little well thought out maintenance will go a long way for your heating and air conditioning systems or small drips. Call Hutchinson’s today for the best plumbing and HVAC services in the local area, since 1948.

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