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Glenolden, PA was incorporated on November 15th, 1894, largely because it had its own stop on the rail line. Today it has a large SEPTA train station on Glenolden Avenue that makes an easy commute for its residents going to Philadelphia and Wilmington Delaware each day.

Glenolden’s beginnings were made of green open spaces. A beautiful park here was enjoyed by Darby Township and Ridley Township before the borough was created from the township’s lands. People came from neighboring cities for the sports and recreation that came with convenient local photography by a nearby shop. The Glenolden Picnic grounds operated from 1872 to 1886, when they were sold off for new home development. 

George C. Knowles was a landowner who had a large farm here, which also was divided into lots for housing around the same time. Henry Scott bought a parcel of land from Knowles for his own home. Later when his real estate deals went bad, he owed back taxes. He paid his debt with the same land. The borough turned it into today’s Glenolden Park.

At Cooke Avenue and Chester Pike still stands an old farmhouse built in 1818. The house survived several developments. One called Warwick, one called Llanwellyn and the Glenolden Land Association were all absorbed when Glenolden Borough was created.

Legend says there were Mills here, one named Glen because of the beauty of the Glen. Another Mill honored the builder’s mother with her maiden name of Olden. The area here was referred to as Glen Olden Mills.

Today there are over 7,000 residents here. Hutchinson’s plumbing often comes to Glenolden to care for their comfort and help them when they need plumbing or HVAC professional services. Hutchinson’s offers helpful tips as well, so you can do it yourself until you need us.

Did you ever think that placing your television set or lamp near your thermostat would waste energy? It can create a false temperature reading, keeping your HVAC system running too long and costing you more money. Every degree of overheating or cooling your home can be three percent added to your energy bills each month.

Just that simple thing can mean a considerable sum for your budget. Keeping a ceiling fan running will circulate the heating and air conditioning and you’ll feel it on your skin, minimizing the temperature needed to feel cool or warm. You can find out more heating and air conditioning tips here on our Hutchbiz website. Do you have a question? Feel free to give us a call. Our expertly better contractors are knowledgeable on just about every make and model of HVAC equipment. Our plumbers have seventy years of collective experience, passed down generation after generation, and built on every single year.

There is no new technology in use in the local area that Hutchinson isn’t trained on and efficient at. We take pride in making sure every one of our local contractors and plumbers continue their education consistently. We update our knowledge base with more than the required one hundred hours of additional training that each of our contractors are required to have while they work with us. Our services are second to none.

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