Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Gibbsboro

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Gibbsboro, NJ is an interesting place, it has always been centered about its water. Something Hutchinson’s knows a lot about. We can send a qualified plumber to care for the HVAC needs of Gibbsboro’s residents. This town is over three hundred years old and had the reputation for having the best water supply East of the Mississippi.

It boasted five streams and six lakes at its founding in 1713. The five streams start in Gibbsboro, and formed the top of Cooper River, which flows to the Delaware River. In a unique layout of this land, other water will flow towards the Atlantic Ocean, because this area is a turning point for the inner and outer coastal plains.

All of this flowing water towards both directions, in a heavily wooded forest, made Gibbsboro a perfect place to build grist mills. John Clement bought such a mill from the Gibbs family in 1812 and named the town after their legacy. Gibbsboro continued this way until 1852, when John Lucas and Joseph Foster created a new paint company on the Silver Lake. “Gibbsboro White Lead, Zinc and Color Works”, later known as the Lucas Paint Company.

The Lucas Paint Company made many revolutionary innovations to the paint industry. They were known for their shades of green and their ready mixed convenience. The processes developed by Lucas revolutionized the way paint was sold. The company grew so rapidly, it had its own train service and grew to seven hundred employees, making Gibbsboro an industrial center.

After over 80 years of innovation, the Lucas Paint Company was officially dissolved in 1956 though their legacy lives on due to the company’s outstanding reputation. It was bought and run as a Sherwin-Williams paint and varnish manufacturing plant until closing in the 1978.

We can still see the smoke stacks from the paint factory, and our contractors drive by them often going to our heating and ac service calls. Our goal here at Hutchinson is to build our legacy on our outstanding customer service and our “expertly better” knowledge, carefully developed since our founding in 1948.

We are dedicated to providing our local customers in Southern NJ and the surrounding communities with energy saving HVAC services. We are members of an elite group of area contractors that participate in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program. We are certified and trained under the environmental protection agency’s program and we understand the special requirements the EPA demands for your heating and ac systems.

Gibbsboro has a superfund site from the EPA right now, to clean the lakes and land around the old plant and downstream from it. This does affect the construction and installation of sewer and incoming pipes in the area. Please consider using experts like we are at Hutchinson, before you dig here. We are here to help and just a phone call away.

We provide services to many in the area and we like keeping the heating, plumbing & air conditioning running smoothly for Gibbsboro families. Today there are around 2,200 people here. If any one of them requires a plumber for a leak or a full HVAC service, give us a call.

Hutchinson offers a wide variety of air conditioning services, both residential and commercial, to fit the specific needs of homeowners and business entities alike. Whether you are looking to install a whole new cooling system, or simply repair your current unit, you can trust our reliable team to get the job done. Hutchison’s guiding principles have always been to deliver on their promises, affordable prices, getting the job done right the first time, and treat every customer with a smile and respect.