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Located in Bethel and Concord Townships, Garnet Valley was once home to mines that shipped garnet sand for grinding and shaping from 1879-1906. 

A local mineralogist recognized the potential of the garnet sand in the area and succeeded in arranging the sale of the land to a firm in New York. Though their primary aim was for the garnet sand, miners occasionally found stones suitable for making jewelry. After the mine closed, the area was filled in during construction of the Conchester Highway in the 1950s.

Garnet Valley’s quiet and hardworking history is still recorded with the Concord Historical Society and is honored by the name of the community. 

In terms of HVAC, Hutchinson strives to be the gem of the Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware areas. Allow us to show you why we are “Expertly Better”.


If you have an emergency, our staff is on hand ready to save the day! With Hutchinson, you are always in good hands!

The Hutchinson difference: Hutchinson has been providing expert heating repair service and installation since 1948. We approach home comfort using criteria from the Department on Environmental Protection’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. Plus Hutchinson’s rigorous training standards assure your system will be installed correctly and operating at peak efficiency.

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