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Freehold, NJ is both a Borough and a separate Township. Freehold was the County Seat since 1715, but not incorporated as a borough until 1879. It was incorporated once again in 1919 to seclude itself from Freehold Township. The borough is home to twelve thousand plus residents, and the township has three times that, with around thirty-six thousand people.

Freehold is a word about real estate. It describes a ‘fee simple’ way to take ownership of a property. It was named in 1693 as one of Monmouth County’s original townships. Prior to that is was first discovered by John Cabot in 1498, when the land was inhabited by the Lenape People for millennia. Today’s visible roots celebrate the borough’s revolutionary, historical features. 

During the revolutionary time period, the continental army recruited from a place in Freehold, in 1775 the first company of Freeholder’s was formed here. Before that, as far back as 1700, “The Sons of Liberty” actively sought members here, which instigated the British. The patriots here proudly read the Declaration of Independence from the steps of the Courthouse within days of its signing.

The British loyalists were able to overtake the town and all of Monmouth at one time. The Battle of Trenton helped turn the tides and the loyalists lost local ground. In 1778 the battle of Monmouth happened right here in Freehold. It was in the borough, in the Township, it was also in Manalapan. It is known as one of the longest battles. The battle was so large in land coverage it included twenty-five thousand men. It also included women.

Here is where the infamous Molly Pitcher gained her notoriety. Her story is taught in schools and her image is in the history books manning a large cannon when her husband was hurt. Many famous names were involved in the fight on that very hot summer day such as George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, Benedict Arnold, Anthony Wayne, Charles Lee, Alexander Hamilton, Nathaniel Greene, Friedrich van Steuben. Though it dwindled slowly, the loyalist rule and occupation faded, and Patriots again took over. The loyalists quietly ran to Canada, and Freehold took the lead of a developing state.

Today you can visit the ninety-foot tall monument to the battle at Monmouth Battlefield State Park, which sits partially in Manalapan and partially in Freehold. At the top of the monument is “Liberty Triumphant” which is really a replica of the original crown. The original sits at the courthouse. After being broken into pieces due to being hit by lightning in 1894, it was replaced and the first was forgotten for forty-five years. Found at a home in Lakewood, it was reclaimed.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing knows that history is a big part of this town and respects the patriotic value this town has brought our Nation. Our expertly better HVAC contractors always go above and beyond for our customers when they have any heating or air conditioning issues that could affect their family’s comfort. Our local plumbing services are here for you 24/7 because we know that having a malfunction with your water access effects a lot of your life.

Our local HVAC contractors have four generations of experience with heating and air conditioning, combined with continuing education that each is required to achieve each year. This makes our plumbing services the best in the area and keeps families returning through generations. We are here for you 24/7.

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