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Fortescue is in Downe Township, NJ. It is a tiny village on the Southern Coast of the Delaware Bay, named after Lord Fortescue of England in the 1700s. Fortescue is the “Weakfish capitol of the world”. It also has one of the most endangered historic sites in New Jersey on its shores. 

After Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012 the town has been in turmoil. The storm eroded the beaches and washed away some homes, businesses and even irreparably damaged a one-hundred-year-old restaurant. The debris and new sand deposits changed the boat navigation and fishing areas, making maneuvering the water difficult for the fisherman, and rerouting wildlife patterns.

The history of Franklin Township extends back to the 17th century when the village was known as Franklin Furnace after Benjamin Franklin. Known as the “Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World” due to it being located over zinc and iron ore bodies containing over 150 minerals, many of which have fluorescent properties. Twenty-five of those are found nowhere else in the world. 

The village began to develop along the new mines and smelting operations and in 1897 all zinc mining companies merged into The New Jersey Zinc Company. Immigrants from Britain, Hungary, Poland, and Russia moved to the area to join the mining industry. To honor the history of the area, the Franklin Mineral Museum is located within Franklin Township.

The Coda Rossa Winery now resides within the Franklinville community. Named for the Italian words “red tail”, the name comes from the red-tailed hawks that live nearby. The first vineyard was planted in 2002 and was opened to the public 2010. With ten acres of grapes under cultivation, the winery can produce one thousand, five hundred cases of wine per year. In addition to their grape wines, the winery also specializes in other fruit wines derived from blackberries, blueberries, peaches, and raspberries.

There are two popular lakes in this area, Franklinville Lake, and Iona Lake. Franklinville Lake offers amenities for the whole family, including playgrounds, picnic areas, swimming areas, and boating. Both lakes serve as popular fishing spots. With all of the interesting things to do here, it is easy to forget about your HVAC maintenance.

Keeping your heating and air conditioning maintained and efficient is extremely important. There is almost nothing worse than having your heater konk out on the coldest winter day. It can get much worse when your pipes freeze and burst because there was no heat! There could be a cascade of new issues that can all be prevented, in most cases, with proper maintenance. Call our expertly better HVAC specialists today.

Of course, emergencies can happen to all of us once in a while. That is why our local plumbing contractors are available for emergencies 24/7. If you don’t have an extreme emergency, we can still make a quick appointment around your schedule, day or night. Our services are designed to keep your family comfortable in the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter.

Our local plumbers and HVAC contractors are the best in the business. Our heating and air conditioning specialists receive one hundred additional hours of training every year they work with us to ensure your HVAC works perfectly. Call today and see for yourself, Hutchinson’s is expertly better.

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