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Fort Washington, PA was first settled by German immigrants in the early 1700’s. By 1728 a man named Engard moved here. He eventually built a home in 1765 that is now listed in the Upper Dublin Open Space & Environmental Resource Protection Plan. He had so much influence here that the town was named after him, Engardtown, as well as Engardtown Road.

It remained Engardtown until a significant event happened here. An event that created the towns namesake, road’s namesake and a State Park. It was the Battle of Whitemarsh. Washington’s troops were camped for Autumn in Whitemarsh. Built by Quakers, Whitemarsh Estate is in Fort Washington, and was used as a hospital for American troops. Today it is called Hope Lodge and you can see the encampment reenactments each year there. 

On December fifth through the eighth of 1777, a battle waged that the American troops won, and repelled the British. This allowed Washington’s troops to move forward to Valley Forge for the Winter. You can visit the location of Sandy Tavern, where Washington himself was said to rest, in between, while parts of the battle waged over days. Today a building called the Clifton house sits there, but it was built in 1801.

Today in the State Park, you can visit Militia Hill, where general Armstrong held his position with the Pennsylvania militia. The Fort Washington State Park was established officially by Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park Commission in the early twentieth century. Today it is cared for by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The park is spread between Whitemarsh and Springfield townships.

Another notable property in Fort Washington is the Highlands. It is a forty four acre historic site given to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1957 for preservation. It features a mansion and a two acre garden. Built in 1794 for a wealthy politician of Philadelphia, the Highlands was always a beacon of affluence.

While Hutchinson’s Heating and Air Conditioning services are certainly quality enough for these fine homes, our main objective is to take care of the HVAC needs of the over 5,000 local residents of today’s Fort Washington. Hutchinson also takes care of businesses here.

We are proud to be available to the office parks, industrial complexes and the Expo Center here. Fort Washington has grown into a thriving town and Hutchinson’s local plumbers have been supplying plumbing services here and locally for close to seventy years.

If your water heater needs a repair, your dishwasher has sprung a leak, or if you would like options on a state of the art HVAC system, Hutchinson is the best choice for you. Our heating and air conditioning contractors are the best in the business and we win awards for our services year after year. We also guarantee our work so you’ll never have to worry, we get it done right, the first time. We also provide a written report of every service we plan to do for you, before we begin any work. You won’t get any surprises from the honest, courteous contractors & plumbers from Hutchinson’s.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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