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Forked River, NJ in Lacey Township, is pronounced by the locals as Fork – Ed, not forked like the newbies might say. Other old-time pronunciations may creep into conversation here from time to time, like substituting a ‘g’ sound with the ‘ch’ sound as in local words like Nescochague. These specialty speech patterns may have been handed down from the Settlers or the Natives.

English who might still say Strip-Ed bass may have started it, or it could originate from the Lenni Lenape People. That’s who showed the early Quakers and French settlers how to live off of this land that needed two damns built by the beavers. In Forked River you get clams in your corn fritters, and you have to call them flitters. It all sounds and feels like home. 

Hutchinson’s local contractors know the legends and have taken care of the people here from time to time since 1948 when we started in our business. We are plumbing and HVAC experts, and keep these residents comfortable. We like to hear the local tales sometimes when we visit for a heating and air conditioning maintenance call.

Fork-ed River started out with many boggies and staggers, otherwise known as cranberry bogs, and also came to be loved for peaches and pears. Grapes were also a crop here, but the peaches would grow so naturally and robustly, there were never enough pickers and packers to sell them all. Legend tells about the missed opportunities of a cannery that should have been.

The rivers were known to be so cold that they were used for freezer storage by workers at the bogs and the mills. The water was so cold it was called the “Ice Cold North Pole” and was said to “kill your teeth” or “cuts your tongue out while your talkin”. The Double Trouble Cranberry Company was at the Fork-ed River, named by the trouble caused by beavers. They’d flood out holes in new damns twice a week sometimes.

There was a famous Forked River house in many area stories. It was first built as a private home, then did some time as a Tavern called Blodgett House. It ran until 1992 when it burned down. Even more famous is the old Forked River School, circa 1868. It was turned into the Old Schoolhouse Museum by a group of three ladies. The women fought to save the old schoolhouse after a new one was built in the 1960s. They founded the Lacey Township Historical Society while doing so.

Hutchinson likes the history here, its rich and fun, just like this place is today. We help keep it fun and having an air conditioning problem is no fun. Hutchinson is your best source for a plumber, HVAC contractors, and for heating repair services. Our team of local contractors always includes a safety check with all of our services. You always get a written report prior to starting anything, so you are completely aware of what is going to happen. We tell you every cost up front, and let you know when our plumber or HVAC contractors believe a service can wait until later when it’s more convenient for you. You’ll get no surprises with Hutch, and we try to pronounce the name Fork-Ed River for you.

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