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Folcroft is a small town in Delaware County named for a railroad stop in 1874. It wasn’t made into an official borough until 1922. The train stop was called Folcroft, meaning leafy fields. Prior to that, there were only farmlands here with a narrow road running through them.

That road was named by the Native American Lenni Lenape People. The settlers called their trail, the turkey neck trail, and the early Swedish settlers renamed it in Swedish. “Calcon” means turkey and Hook means road. Today it’s still called Calcon Hook Road, named in the 1600s. 

After WWII the town grew quickly. It was a respected family community close to the good jobs in the city and surrounded by green spaces and a sense of community. Every community has one sad story. Harris and Sara Baker bought a home in the Delmar Village section of town in 1962.

They were met with an angry mob as the moving van pulled in. People from all over the local area were yelling and the windows in their new house were being smashed. The raging crowd went inside and smashed the cabinets out. Mrs. Baker was pregnant.

Local activists, the Taylor’s of Folcroft supported the Baker’s through the ordeal and became large activists in the equal housing and civil rights movement. The story made National headlines. 1963 marked a strange time in Folcroft for racial tensions and volatility. The newspapers called it a race riot and labeled it “The Baker Incident”.

Today Folcroft is a diverse, tight-knit community with over 6,600 residents. That means Hutchinson’s local HVAC contractors have 6,600 people to keep comfortable. The people of Folcroft know they can count on us for their heating and air conditioning needs.

If, however, your heating or air conditioning acts up unexpectedly, or if you have a plumbing emergency, Hutch is always available 24/7 and will get you fixed right away. We always have an expert plumber waiting. Meanwhile, keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees in the winter, and 72 in the summer will also be a responsible way to do your ecological part, as well as avoid taxing your HVAC. Anything you can do to lower your energy bills and to prevent a breakdown of an overworked air conditioning or heating system is worth it.

Did you know with every degree you lower the thermostat in the winter, you will save 3% on your heating energy usage? Turning down your heating when your family is out of the home for more than four hours will significantly help.

Heat pump systems require staying at a constant temperature, so be sure to ask our plumbers which type you have. Never turn it off, because your pipes will freeze, and even though our local expert contractors can help, that’s the type of unfortunate call that our services try to prevent. We’d rather get a lifetime of healthy home calls than to see your family suffer through an emergency. Our plumbing and HVAC experts will make sure you’re safe and ready for the seasons. Give us a call for expertly better services today!

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