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Florence, NJ started out as part of Mansfield Township and was named for Florence, Italy. In 1804 it “almost” made itself a famous start when Aaron Burr fled Weehawkin, NJ. He passed through town after shooting Alexander Hamilton during a duel. He walked right through Florence to Schuler’s Ferry road where he boarded a passage across the Delaware river. He escaped and lived his life with no consequence. Florence missed its chance to make National headlines. It took many years before people found out about the beautiful area.

In the 1800s, Florence, NJ was a noted vacation spot along the Delaware River, billed as an ideal place to spend carefree days or to invest in real estate to profit from vacationers. Visitors would sit along the Delaware’s sandy beaches enjoying a getaway from the hot and overcrowded cities of Philadelphia and New York, only a short boat ride away.
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It was such an investment spot, that the “Florence City Company” was created in 1849 to make sure the city was well planned, and the hotel was significant. They created a wharf for easy access, and industry followed. An iron works in 1857 employed most residents who stayed all year. These investors from New York built the beautiful Florence Hotel to attract tourists, who came in droves.

Taking advantage of the wealth of fresh water springs from the ground above the banks of the Delaware River, Dr. Trall of Philadelphia established his business. A massive, four-story Hygeian Home and Hygero Therapeutic College overlooking the river were founded. It was a place where visitors could also partake in relaxing hydrotherapy.

The Florence Hotel eventually became home to the Florence municipal building and was used until it burned down in 1979. Today, the small town of Florence, dotted with farms and small stores, relies on Hutchinson’s to provide outstanding heating and air conditioning services to keep its families happy and comfortable throughout the year. Call us for the best HVAC services.

Florence Township is home to over twelve thousand people now. The good people of Florence have trusted us for many years. We have done plumbing, heating and air conditioning along the riverside since 1948. Though the years may not have kept the resort grandeur and purity of the water, the people here have a great respect for their shoreline.

Hutchinson plumbing has the official credentials to operate using the Home Performance with Energy Star Program. This is a program run by the department of environmental protection to keep homes running more efficiently and stay green long into the future. You can have a typical inspection during one of Hutchinson’s routine service calls, or you can schedule an energy audit. One of our local contractors will thoroughly review your HVAC system.

This is a “whole system approach”, where we consider all aspects that effect your home energy use. You’ll find hidden opportunities for energy savings and improved air quality in your home and HVAC unit. We can recommend entire units and find all of the thermal leaks and prevent any more energy waste.

Are you concerned about potential hazards such as carbon monoxide exhaust or gas leaks? Please call Hutchinson’s local expert contractors to come take a look immediately if you are. If you smell gas, call 911, but if you want to check your system function for air leaks of all types, call us.

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