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Farmingdale, NJ is a quaint town that feels like home. It is the kind of place where you know your neighbors, and you can enter the gingerbread house exhibition at the schoolhouse. The town’s slogan is “Today’s town, with yesterday’s touch”. Yesterday can go back a long time, depending on your point of view.

Human settlements here date back to 9000 B.C. In fact, the local settlement of the people now known as the Manasquan Paleo Indians is one of the oldest settlements in Eastern North America. They hunted mammoths, oxen, and caribou. Horse remains were also found here from that time period. 

The Manasquan River is named for the original Lenape people, as they were when it was first sailed by a European in 1520. The word means mouth of the river, and Native American settlements were often known by the description of the local waterways, or land features. They were ‘the people at the mouth of the river’.

It wasn’t until the 1760’s that European settlers started to build here. They started with a farm and a barn that was the first Methodist Church. A more permanent structure was built in 1779. They called the place “Turkey”, after the birds in the area. A lot of building of historic homes occurred in the 1700s, including the Wainwright house is still sitting at 48 Main Street. They later changed the town’s name to Adelphia. When Adelphia was broken down into smaller villages, Farmingdale was first called Marsh Bog. In 1815 it was renamed to Upper Squankum. It soon became the local shopping central area. People came from far and wide. In 1854 it again was renamed to Farmingdale.

There was a local tavern that served to house our revolutionary troops. Mariners Tavern became a station for our Union troops as well as British troops. It was later renamed Our House Tavern.

Farming was always the mainstay here. Agriculture and bog iron were the main products of Farmingdale. Potatoes and cranberries were the staple crops. In the mid-1850s a beetle outbreak hurt the potato industry, but the cranberries did well. Until 1926 they were a top crop, then the Point Pleasant Canal was dug and the salt water rushed in and killed everything.

Bog iron and brick making were other local businesses, but the iron was outdone by Pennsylvania’s iron production. The brickworks used the local timber to depletion to fire the kilns and also had to be closed. Even the marl mines were replaced in the advent of new fertilizers.

The town’s population dwindled as everyone moved for work. The munitions that were made here did not decline and kept the area from becoming a ghost town. In 1903 the town was finally officially incorporated. Farmingdale was considered a light industrial town through the twentieth century. Today it is much the same, some light industry, banking, & residential areas.

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