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Ewan, NJ is an unincorporated town that is part of Harrison Township. As part of Gloucester County, NJ Ewan enjoys a rich history that blends agriculture and industry that helps secure its place as a hub of economic activity and a thriving residential community. Hutchinson Plumbing has been providing services to all of Ewan’s diverse places for many, many years. Hutchinson’s expertly better heating and ac contractors have been in business since 1948.

Ewan is nestled on the east side of Raccoon Creek and Ewan Lake. It is partially situated in Elk Township and shares infrastructure and resources with several adjoining and nearby unincorporated farming villages including Wright’s Mill and Pine Tavern. The small hamlet has gone by several different names including Ewan’s Mills and Ewansville. 

As early as the 1700’s this town existed to support a grist mill and farming operations. One resident, Thomas Iredell immigrated to the area in the latter part of the 18th century. His claim to fame still carries on being the uniquely designed houses he built for his three successive wives, two of which died unexpectedly.

One of these architectural oddities stands today in Ewan affectionately known as “Iredell House No.2”. The house’s distinctive rectangular chimney jutting out of a bricked arch is thought to be one of 3 that exist in the U.S. today. The front of the house reads “I TAR 1793” which may point to his three children.

Today, Ewan enjoys a purposeful farming community feel. While its residents enjoy a level of seclusion, they can also partake in local wineries, streams, lakes, and wooded areas. Additionally, the town is located in the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Area and has all its attractions at its convenience, so Ewan’s citizens have many options for recreation and entertainment.

Ewan’s citizens have one special choice for all of their HVAC needs. That best choice is Hutchinson Plumbing. Our local services are expertly better and second to none in this area. We have been working here for seventy years and combine all of that expertise into specialized training for each of our heating and ac contractors. We also insist that every employee that makes service calls to Ewan and any other home or business has extra training.

In addition to our expertly better start, we have an additional hundred hours of training every single year. This way our plumbing experts know every make and model of water heater or appliance you might use. We know how it works and what exhaust or ductwork is required to make it run efficiently. What all this means to you is that your HVAC will keep you comfortable year-round, and save you energy money by running with optimal efficiency.

We are also available for an emergency 24/7. You can always call, and our expert contractors will be there right away. We will fix your heating in the dead of winter, or repair the burst pipes in a jiffy. The weather in the Ewan area has been increasingly colder in the winter, for longer. This taxes your systems to the max. Let us maintain your HVAC system. When one thing happens, the last thing you want is a chain reaction.

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