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Essington, PA is more than just a place for long-term airport parking! This is the birthplace of the Stromboli, claimed to be first made by Peter Romano in 1950. Essington is a large part of Tinicum Island and has history, hotels, wildlife and yes, it has an airport. Long before the airport, this was still a hub of transportation when it was called the Hog Island Shipyard. Wealthy Philadelphians had their yacht clubs here and luxury boats were built here.

Tinicum Township was first settled by the New Sweden colony in 1643. They lived alongside of the Lenni Lenape People who depended on this area for the plentiful game and fishing. They named the place “Tin-eek Unk”, which eventually turned to Tinicum. 

The Swedes built a fort called New Gothenburg and Printzhof. Printzhof or Printz Hall was home to Governor Johan Printz, whose face still marks the township’s seal. Printz signed a treaty with the native people, protecting his little colony from the Dutch.

The New Sweden Colony was highly detailed with three classes of Swedes. There were the criminals, somewhat slave-like, indentured to work off their sentences here. They built the damns and stone walls to control the creeks and tides. There was the middle class. These paid, working men traded with the Lenni Lenape, built the famous Swedish Cabins and cleared the farms. The upper class of the time was called “freemen” and they owned the land grants as well as the right to leave if they pleased. That’s exactly what Printz did ten years after creating the settlement, claimed to be the very first European recorded settlement in all of Pennsylvania.

The Township changed hands a few times prior to being officially granted to William Penn and eventually becoming a township in 1780. The communities of Essington and Lester make up the township along with the wildlife refuge and the international terminal of the airport.

The John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum is the largest freshwater tidal marsh in Pennsylvania. It was created in 1972 to preserve the wildlife here, originally called the environmental center, it was renamed in 1991. A large portion of the protected area was donated in 1955 by the Gulf Oil Corporation. This land spans only three hundred fifty acres of the original five thousand five hundred acres that the Swedes and English Damned for their grazing animals. Fish, butterflies and thousands of species of birds find a much-needed refuge here.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing contractors love coming to Essington and we respect your dedication to keeping this town an eco-friendly, tight-knit community. Hutch provides tools for you to keep your home’s carbon footprint as green as possible. We are certified to get your heating and air conditioning certified with the Energy Star Program. We use the EPA standards to Audit and make your home as efficient as technology will allow.

One easy thing you can do to keep your heating and air conditioning bills down and your plumbing and HVAC equipment running efficiently is simply to give your furnace and boiler a tune-up. Regular maintenance services will do wonders for your appliances and for your home’s comfort. One of Hutchinson’s local contractors can provide an inexpensive alternative to having a major emergency break down the road. Hutchinson’s HVAC contractors are considered expertly better and so are our services, since 1948.

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