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Egg Harbor City, NJ got its start as a refuge for those escaping anti-immigration violence. Founded in 1854 by German Americans from Philadelphia, the area was settled to give safety to Germans who were being persecuted by the “Know-Nothing“ Movement. For the next fifty years, the city remained German in both its language and culture. The city received its name for the gull eggs that were commonly found here.

Today Egg Harbor City has a population of approximately 4,200 residents and includes parts of Clarks Landing, Gloucester Furnace, and Gloucester Lake. The city provides NJ Transit service on the Atlantic City Line which connects the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia and the Atlantic City Rail Terminal. There is also a shuttle service between Egg Harbor City and Atlantic City International Airport. The city is also one of the South Jersey communities to home part of the New Jersey Pinelands. 

The city is a proud supporter of the Cedar Creek High School Pirates. The Pirates, in their forest green and maroon, are no strangers to championships. Their girls’ basketball program won the Group I State Championship in 2012. This was the first ever state championship won by Cedar Creek. Just three years later, in December 2015, the boys’ football team followed in the ladies’ footsteps by winning the Group II South Jersey Championship.

Renault Winery Resort and Golf also calls Egg Harbor City home. The 150-year-old destination is recognized as a NJ historical site and one of the oldest continuously running wineries in the United States. In addition to the winery, there is a Tuscan style hotel and a Championship layout golf course. The winery tours are an interesting take on local history and some notorious mafia links.

We at Hutchinson’s love coming to see the beautiful vineyards in the summer months, to provide someone with ac services when the weather climbs. The grapes may like the heat, but our home’s comfort has to be maintained. In the past decade. Hutchinson’s has seen record highs and lows during the last several years, that we have never experienced in the seventy years we’ve been in the business.

The temperatures plummet during winter months. This weather brings with it all new issues with HVAC systems, but our services will fix them and often makes them more efficient. AC systems are battling long stretches in over one-hundred-degree weather in the summers here in Egg Harbor. In the winter we are having heavy snows and ice storms that max out our heating capacity and freeze up older pipes all over the area.

You don’t have to worry about your heating system with Hutchinson at your service. We are ready to send our best “expertly better” local contractors to your home any time of the day or night. We will send a qualified plumber to you ASAP and get your plumbing working properly again.

We will get you fixed up, unclog that sump pump or drain, or simply replace an old faucet. Our Hutchinson contractors receive a minimum or one hundred extra hours of training each year to be prepared for anything these seasons can throw at us. We are up to date with the latest equipment and technologies, and we can even get you started with a green energy saving system. Call any time to find out more, or book an appointment, at your convenience. Our local contractors work the hours that suit you best when you need a plumber or have an HVAC issue, 24/7.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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