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Eatontown, NJ was once called Eatontown Township, officially created in 1873. The current shortened name was given in 1926. It was first settled by Europeans as far back as 1670. A man named Thomas Eaton started a mill and named the place for himself.

Millwork, farming and horse breeding was typical for this place as many local towns were at the time. In 1870 a horse race course was opened, and the horse betting propelled the town’s popularity and its scandal. Though the track was popular, it was forcibly closed in 1894, when parimutuel betting was outlawed. Basically, that was the type of gambling that was used in horse racing, so it put the park out of business. 

Other than the scandal of the betting establishment, an incident of an unfortunate vigilante mob brought notoriety to the neighborhood. In 1886, a woman named Angeline Herbert was raped and assaulted. She was just twenty-four years old, and the news traveled quickly. The townspeople demanded justice. She hastily accused a local horse groomer, known to the townspeople as Mingo Jack.

Mingo Jack’s real name was Samuel Johnson, a father of four. He was arrested and jailed. Within four hours of his arrest, a mob formed. They broke into the jail, beat him to death and hung him in the doorway. His ghost is still said to haunt the jail and Eatontown. Within a year they found two other suspects, both caught for assaulting women, one confessed to Angeline Herbert’s attack.

The town eventually recovered from that mob incident, and the horse betting. Later, the U.S. Army bought the site of the horse track and the surrounding land. It opened Camp Little Silver after the nearby Port Little Silver.

The name quickly changed, first to Camp Alfred Vail, then to Fort Monmouth. Named for the soldiers of the revolutionary battle of Monmouth, that name stuck. It was known for launching the first radio-equipped weather balloon. It also housed the Chaplain Center School. Fort Monmouth was at a peak during World War II, spanning over one thousand, seven hundred acres and housing well over twenty thousand men. It trained twenty-one thousand graduates. It also housed and trained war pigeons. Through the years it served many more purposes. It was closed by President George W. Bush in 2005. It took until 2011 to finalize the closure and disperse all involved. The loss cost New Jersey over 1.5 billion dollars.

Today Eatontown is a great community of over twelve thousand people. These people know they can count on Hutchinson’s Plumbing and HVAC to come to the rescue 24/7 if they have any heating or air conditioning issues. Our expertly better contractors offer better HVAC services than any other local company.

Our local heating and air conditioning contractors have four generations of training with Hutchinson’s experience, combined with continuing education that each is required to achieve each year. This makes our HVAC services the best in the local area and keeps families returning through generations. When Eatontown needs a plumber, they simply call Hutch. Our local plumbing services are expertly better, and we guarantee it.

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