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Drexel Hill, PA is a part of Upper Darby Township’s west side, so close to Philadelphia you can hop on a bus and have a very easy commute to the city. Drexel Hill has its own census taken and has over 28,000 residents. There is a small area of Drexel Hill, with about 1,300 of those residents, called Pilgrim Gardens. Pilgrim gardens is in Haverford Township. Whenever Hutchinson’s local HVAC contractors or plumbers are in the area, you might see their brightly colored van parked at Chickie’s and Pete’s for a quick bite after our services are completed.

Drexel Hill is a fun town with historical roots and great people. Drexel Hill is home to Collenbrook, or officially named The Collen Brook Farm. This 18th Century farmhouse is open to the public for tours on Sundays. It has an original structure built in 1700 with two additions added. One in 1774 and another twenty years later. It also boasts a carriage house and a granite Spring House, both built in the 1700s as well. 

There’s also Thornfield on Garrett Road. Thomas Garrett once lived there. He was famous for the abolitionist cause. He was a Quaker with firm beliefs that led him to become the station master at the final stop on the Underground Railroad in Delaware. After the Garrett family, the Thornfield estate moved on to the Isard’s, who founded the regional Science Department at the University of Pennsylvania as well as create the Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia. Thornfield was built in 1710 by Abraham Lewis and is currently being renovated and preserved.

The most famous house of all in Drexel Hill is The Lower Swedish Cabin on Creek Road. You can walk the grounds and nature trails here in the park, but the cabin itself is only open to the public on special occasions. The cabin sits on a lovely spot near the Darby Creek and is known to be the oldest log cabin in PA, and possibly the entire US. It is estimated that the earliest Swedish settlers built it between 1638 and 1655.

It may have been the builders who invited the Swedish settlers to come to the area and create New Sweden in 1653. The house was occupied and lived in for over three hundred years, the last resident left in 1938 when the cabin was surveyed and claimed by Upper Darby. It had to be restored in 1987 after it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Most of the homes in Drexel Hill aren’t quite that old, but they do range in age from that era to brand new. It takes an experienced HVAC specialist to get the heating and air conditioning done right in most of these homes. Hutchinson’s team does it right, the first time, guaranteed.

Our local plumbers work using four generations of expert services, passed down and built upon. Year after year every one of our plumbers and heating and air conditioning contractors get an additional hundred hours of training to add to their skill set. When you need HVAC services, call Hutch 24/7.

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