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Dresher, PA is a small town in Upper Dublin Township – Montgomery County, PA. Villages in Upper Dublin were named after their early settlers. Levi Jarrett, George Dresher, Thomas Fitzwater are among these settlers, and the neighborhoods remain unincorporated, though they have zip codes and are well known among the locals.

Dreshertown was named for George Dresher. A living direct descendant or George Dresher said that his family was from Silicia, in the German Kingdom of Prussia. In 1726 they fled to escape religious persecution, and didn’t arrive at their destination until 1742. A descendant farm owner served as a supervisor in 1810, and the village was named after him at that time. 

The Dresher family has a burial ground of over thirty five members on grounds taken over by the Schwenkfelder Church. Their plots cut into the public road, causing traffic concerns but are not moved. Dick Dresher had permission to bury his parents here with them, in return he has cut the grass for over thirty years. Marked by a Dreshertown sign, the remains of the town still have a life of their own. The land of the original family home now serves as a Christmas tree market when in season.

The town of Dresher has about 5,000 residents, out of the 20,000 in Upper Dublin. Each one of them can count on Hutchinson’s local contractors to take care of their HVAC and plumbing needs. Dresher and Upper Dublin alike are still developing and Hutchinson’s services are perfect for the new business complexes springing up. Our heating and air conditioning services are perfect for your office as well as your home.

Hutchinson’s plumbing has been counted on in the local area for seventy years. We started in 1948 with two brothers and a shoe box full of savings. Over the years we’ve grown into one of the most prestigious and notable companies in the industry. We win awards each year and have had customers returning year after year for four generations.

We never stop learning, and improving our heating and air conditioning services. In fact, every contractor that works with Hutchinson is required to undertake an additional one hundred hours of minimum training per year to keep us the best. Our initial training and educational program is in depth and keeps all of our plumbing and HVAC services state of the art and up to date.

Keep Hutchinson’s number on the refrigerator or in your phone, because we are ready to help in the event of any plumbing or HVAC emergency. We are also convenient for non-emergency calls, like installing that new faucet to surprise your wife. We schedule our service calls around your convenience, not ours. Customer satisfaction is very high on our list, so we guarantee our work, and therefore get it right the first time.

If your heating or air conditioning is not keeping your home as comfortable as it should, call us right away. It may be a vent, duct adjustment or a filter clog. It may also be something that requires immediate attention for your family’s safety. Our HVAC and plumbing services always include a safety check. We will let you know about any mold or potential asbestos or gas issues immediately. Let Hutchinson keep you and your family comfortable and safe this season and year round.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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