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Did you know New Jersey has a state ship? Well, it does! Her name is A.J. Schooner and she was built in Dorchester, NJ. Commenced in 1928, this boat is used by the Bayshore Discovery Project, educating students and adults at ports all over New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. It’s also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Known for being the place that the “Prince Maurice” sank & naming the river itself, it is ironic that the main industry of Dorchester is shipbuilding. After the sinking incident in 1657, it took a while before things settled down enough for new European settlers to settle down. A team named Worledge and Budd mapped the land but took until 1798 for a township to be formed here. 

Dorchester’s shipyard is one of many that was started in the 1800s along the Maurice River and other nearby waterways. Hundreds of schooners were built and the shipbuilding industry was a major staple in NJ for a very long time. Dorchester’s shipyard was started in 1890 by Charles Stowman. It employed hundreds of men in its hay-day and still employs thirty today.

The industry ended with the Great Depression, but the resilience of Dorchester prevailed for this one, and it continued on. It built over fifty vessels for World War II. It also made a lot of oyster vessels for the booming oyster business here. Unfortunately, in 1957 MSX, a disease for oysters destroyed the population, never to return.

Boats were built from local materials and every piece was made here, but today they only specialize in painting, sandblasting and specialty steel-work for large vessels. Now, Dorchester Shipyards is known for its superior ship restoration, but also for its energy conservation. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration Small Shipyard Grant was awarded here to replace outdated diesel run air compressors with new systems that are eco-friendly. The shipyard also is being run with solar power. With such an environmentally conscious community, it is no wonder Hutchinson’s Plumbing loves doing business here.

Environmental efficiency is one of the main specialties for the expertly better local contractors of Hutchinson’s HVAC company. We are not only heating and air conditioning specialists with seventy years of experience, but we are also certified to keep your home green. We can reduce your energy use, your heating and air conditioning bills and we are certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency to complete Energy Star Projects. This means your home will run at its most energy efficient capacity, keeping your family at new levels of comfort.

If you try our plumbing or HVAC services, you will not be disappointed. Our plumbers show up on time, at your convenience. We wear a clean uniform and a smile. You’ll be presented with a written report of the things your home needs to get running again, as well as recommendations. You’ll know every cost up front before any work begins. You’ll even know what can wait for a better time for your budget.

Our plumber or contractor will complete the work, and it will be done right the first time. We guarantee it. Hutchinson’s contractors are considered “expertly better” because our services are always better.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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