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The area of Crosswicks, NJ was settled in 1677 by a group primarily consisting of Quakers. 

There were three “villages” of Chesterfield Township, and Crosswicks was the first one. Here they built a Friends meetinghouse, anchoring the town. Today the population is only around eight hundred, but they still use their old traditions, like the music festival and croquet tournament each year.

Hutchinson’s loves Crosswick’s tradition, as we have served these local areas for seventy years. Our plumbing contractors have been fixing the pipes around here since 1948. Our HVAC services are second to none. Give us a call as soon as you have any issues with your heating or air conditioning, we will come help 24/7. 

Crosswicks has more history to share. During the Revolutionary War, the meeting house was occupied at various times by both Colonial and British forces. This was a challenge to the Quakers, as it was in such contradiction to the Quaker’s peace testimony.
The Americans occupied this place in 1776 until the 1st of January 1777 when they marched to Trenton to fight alongside General Washington.

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Later, in 1778 the British marched through Crosswicks on their way to the Battle of Monmouth. While there, the British occupied the Crosswicks Friends Meeting House and engaged in a small skirmish with the Americans, who were trying to impede the British crossing. The building was struck by an American cannonball, which remained lodged in it and has now been permanently affixed where it originally hit.

This now peaceful town with deep historical roots relies on Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling to fulfill the heating and cooling needs of its families throughout the year. We have been local contractors in this area for seventy years. Our service vans are often coming up the NJ turnpike towards this interesting village.

Hutchinson’s team of contractors are continuously learning, training and developing our protocols to make sure you get the absolute best in home heating and air conditioning services. Our HVAC system installation and maintenance services are always up to date and accurate for your specific needs. We are always on call, and ready to go when you want us there.

If you have any concerns about air conditioning or heating bills, ask Hutch how to bring your energy needs to a minimum. You can become more efficient and have your HVAC do a better job at the same time. Our contractors will gladly take a look at your systems and provide you with a customized plan to have your units running at peak performance.

Getting your air conditioning repaired is very important. An air conditioning unit that is not running at peak efficiency is a costly and uncomfortable situation. Running air conditioning that doesn’t cool your home, freezes up, or doesn’t circulate properly can damage the unit beyond repair. Make sure you call one of our professional contractors to work on any unit. We are trained experts at getting the ac, heating or plumbing job done right, the first time, quickly and reliably. We guarantee it!

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