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Cookstown, NJ is a small town of just over one thousand people. It is found in New Hanover township, which is one of New Jersey’s original townships. Cookstown is near Fort Dix, which has its own census count and is its own entity. Fort Dix is a joint base filled with Army, Navy and Air Force Military personnel and their families.

That brings five thousand of the base’s residents on the New Hanover side of the base, to use the amenities that Cookstown, NJ has to offer. Hutchinson likes to serve this mix of service people and the Cookstown residents. There are historical places to visit such as the Cookstown Tavern, established by non-practicing Quakers in the 1856. There are also many current restaurants and hotels to accommodate guests of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst’s fine men and women. 

We at Hutchinson are at the beck and call of all of our service men and women and also for the civilians that live here. The landscape of the area is beautiful farmland. We at Hutchinson know that the fine service people take pride in being eco-friendly and admire all of the solar and renewable energy being used here. We also take pride in our own eco-friendly HVAC services.

We are certified by the department of environmental protection to complete thorough Energy Star Home energy audits. An inspection can provide you peace of mind, as well as the best recommendations for efficiency that are available today. We’ll show you the most state of the art options or tweak your system to be its absolute best.

All of your current appliances will be tested for safety and peak usage and we will also check for signs of danger such as asbestos or mold growth. Your home’s air quality is a big part of your families safety. Hutchinson takes that seriously and we can schedule you an appointment today. If you have an HVAC or need a plumber for an emergency, we can help too. Call 1-888-927-3130 or fill out a contact form for an immediate response. Call us 24/7!

Have you heard of the R-38 standard? It is a standard of insulation that is air sealed and when insulation correctly installed and meets the R-38 standard it should lower energy bills by up to eight percent. Ask one of our local contractors about it any time. This is one aspect of the Energy Star program that Hutchinson’s is certified to bring to you, that will also bring a level of safety and comfort to your home.

Hutchinson installs brand new state of the art heating systems and air conditioning systems that qualify for the rare Energy Star rating. That is an official rating of ninety percent efficiency for your home. When you upgrade or convert your older system to a high rated energy saving system you typically save at least ten percent on your heating bills, while lowering your energy footprint. You can also have your air conditioning qualify for the SEER (Seasonal energy efficiency ratio) saving another four percent.
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