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Cheyney is a small unincorporated community in Thornbury Township. With a population of less than 1,000, this area is unique as it straddles both Chester and Delaware Counties. It is also the home Cheney University, the oldest Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in the nation. Initially part of the William Penn land grant of 1681, not much is known about the Cheney region until the late 1800s when George Cheney came along.

Cheyney, a Philadelphia businessman, and politician built his ten-thousand-acre farm, which would later become the community bearing his name. Originally it was located at the intersection of what is now known as Creek and Cheyney Road. It contained a post office, general store, hotel, and other shops. In 1835, William Cheyney became the first postmaster. The post office was moved to Station Road once the railroad came through. 

Cheyney University, the only HBCU in Pennsylvania, was built on donated land from the Cheyney family. Founded as the African Institute in February 1837, it was renamed the Institute of Colored Youth two months later.

The university was founded by Richard Humphreys, a Quaker philanthropist who bequeathed one tenth of his estate to establishing a school to educate people of African descent. Humphreys was born on a plantation on Tortola, an island in the British West Indies and he came to Philadelphia in 1764. After news of a race riot against free black slaves in Cincinnati in 1829, Humphrey was inspired to leave an allotment of money in his will for higher education for free blacks. When it opened its doors in 1837, it was the first university to cater to all black students.

Today this once farm is now a lovely place that people call home. Hutchinson’s expertly better contractors are happy to serve Cheyney, PA. Our services include the tips and advice right here in this site to keep you going until you need a professional for your plumbing or HVAC.

Did you ever think that placing your television set or lamp near your thermostat would waste energy? It can create a false temperature reading, keeping your HVAC system running too long and costing you more money. Every degree of overheating or cooling your home can be three percent added to your energy bills each month. Just a few degrees on your air conditioning can mean a considerable sum for your budget.

You can find out more heating and air conditioning tips here on our Hutchbiz website. Do you have a question? Feel free to give us a call. Our expertly better contractors are knowledgeable on just about every make and model of HVAC equipment. Our contractors have seventy years of collective plumbing experience, passed down generation after generation, and built on every single year.

There is no new HVAC technology in use, in the local area that Hutchinson isn’t trained on and efficient at. We take pride in our services and in making sure every one of our local contractors and plumbers continue their education consistently. We update our heating and air conditioning knowledge base with more than the required one hundred hours of additional training because your family’s comfort is important to us.

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