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Cheltenham Township started out as a part Philadelphia County in 1682. It is Philadelphia’s first suburb. Once Montgomery County was formed, it was no longer a part of Philadelphia and became the first county township. In Cheltenham, William Penn gave fifteen men, land grants of up to five hundred acres each to develop.

A man named Toby Leech was one of the first to start a business here. He built a corn mill and a fulling mill, which led to the naming of Mill Road. He had a bakery and a tannery, and used slave labor. The building where they lived still stands on Church Road today. Another building still standing from long ago that you can also visit is the Rowland house built in 1774 close by. 

Another man named Wall, still has his original home standing at the entrance to Wall Park. The first Mayor of Philadelphia also helped develop Cheltenham, Humphrey Morrey. His son Richard was one of the first Americans to free his slaves, and give them their own land.

One more noteworthy name, among the many from this fine town wasn’t a landowner at all, but an indentured servant. He fell in love with Elizabeth Russell, whose father was one of the first landowners here. Troops from both sides of the revolutionary war stopped at this land, generations later, to drink from their well. During the civil war, the same home was an important stop on the underground railroad. Unfortunately, that home is no longer standing.

Many homes are standing in Cheltenham Township today. There are 36,000 residents living in a diverse setting. There are parts with dense townhomes and apartment living, as well as sprawling old homes in other towns.

The actual town of Cheltenham is much smaller, and remains unincorporated. It is lovingly called “the Village” and it has a motto of “ The pride of the Eastside.” Whether you are in the charming town of Cheltenham or in the local township, Hutchinson’s Plumbing has you covered. We know the ins and outs of the newest technology, and all of the details of the old systems. Our contractors have been HVAC experts for seventy years, and have repaired and maintained all kinds of homes in this local area.

For four generations Hutchinson has built the knowledge of our plumbers to expert level, and passed on the secrets of getting the job done quickly, cleanly and efficiently. Two brothers started with an engineering company in 1948. They specialized in plumbing, and fixed old and new heating technologies and then air conditioning as it became more common.

We know your heating and air conditioning is pertinent to your family’s comfort, so Hutch’s contractors all get an additional one hundred hours of training each year to make sure that we continue to be the best choice for you. Our plumbers show up with courtesy and a smile, and our work is guaranteed so we do it right, the first time. Hutchinson’s services are known throughout NJ and PA for their excellence. We are ready to help you with any HVAC emergency services 24/7.

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