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Chatsworth, NJ is considered the “Capital of the Pines”. Once a lavish resort area, it is now nestled into the Pine Barrens as the locals call it, or Pinelands as it is known more widely. This area is known to the world as the coastal plain and was not only designated as a National Reserve Park, but also an International Biosphere Reserve, showing just how special this forest and water reserve is to the earth.

Hutchinson’s local contractors are proud to serve this area. Though it is sparsely populated, we enjoy servicing this remote setting and are specially trained to be provide the most eco-friendly, energy saving HVAC services here too. Hutchinson installs brand new state of the art heating systems that qualify for the rare Energy Star rating. 

That is an official rating of ninety percent efficiency for your home. When you upgrade or convert your older system to a high rated energy saving system you typically save at least ten percent on your heating bills, while lowering your energy footprint. You can also have your Air conditioning qualify for the SEER (Seasonal energy efficiency ratio) saving another four percent.

Part of Chatsworth is filled with cranberry bogs and blueberry fields. It is located in Woodland Township, NJ that has a cranberry festival every year in October. It is a special treat. Many people stop by on their way to the shore. Our local contractors like to get calls this time of year, not only can we make sure your heater is working at its peak efficiency, we get to taste cranberry goods. This is home to NJ’s second largest cranberry farm.

Other noteworthy items about Chatsworth are the old resort legends and the still existing White Horse Inn. Some proceeds from the cranberry festival go towards restoring the Inn. The Inn was built in 1860, is a national historic place, and at one time it was called the Shamong Hotel.

There once were glass and iron industries in the area, that gave the town its own postal code and train station by the middle of the 1800’s. After those industries collapsed, the rich and famous frequented the Chatsworth club, a country club created by a prince. The prince lived in his nearby villa nicknamed the “princess house” by local townspeople. Hutchinsons who frequented the Chatsworth Club were over seven hundred big names like Drexel, J.P. Morgan, and International political families. It lost popularity after the Prince moved away and it finally burned down in 1930.

The Chatsworth train station was an important staple and landmark between New York and Atlantic City during the 1800’s and brought many to the country club. By 1939 it was not such a busy place. The local kids still always lined up at the station to see the Blue Comet go by.

One day the Blue Comet never came by, because it wrecked one mile before the station, creating a buzz across the country. Luckily, the engine car was only going thirty-five miles per hour instead of the usual seventy. The back cars were thrown off the tracks and landed all around. Only seventeen were injured, but the initial headlines were exaggerated and some even reported hundreds dead.

The crash was caused by unusually heavy rainfall, that flooded the tracks and crested mounds of sand on top of them. Today, heavy rainfall is a common occurrence in this area, and Hutchinson’s is ready to help. We can recommend and install new sump pumps and safeguard your septic systems. We can clear the drains and create a flood plan for your home and basement. We have the best HVAC plans and can send an experienced plumber to address any concerns you have.

Our contractors are the best and we can get your air conditioning and heating fixed in a snap. Make sure you call the best, call Hutchinson’s. When you need a plumber, we will give the best services, 24-7!

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