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All Bucks County residents can count on Hutchinson’s HVAC repair and maintenance services. The fourth largest population in PA knows exactly who to call when they need a good plumber or new faucet installation. Your heating and air conditioning services will be done right the first time when you call on Hutch.

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Our heating and air conditioning repair experts have seventy years of experience. Our plumbers and HVAC technicians were doing air conditioning and heating installations around the Bucks County area since 1945 before most of the population moved here. We are expertly better at maintenance and heating repair services because we are in our fourth generation of family plumbers and HVAC contractors. Any of our highly trained staff can repair any heating or ac issues you may have, or we can send a great plumber right out to perform a new boiler installation or routine maintenance. No matter what HVAC or plumbing service you need, our team can handle it! Give us a call today or book an appointment on our website!

Bucks County, PA is an original, in more ways than one. It’s one of William Penn’s original three divisions of Pennsylvania. He wanted to call it New Wales, but his friends called it Penn’s woods. It was the largest land mass in the new world to be granted to a single owner in 1682. He traded King Charles II, his family debt of 16,000 pounds for what is now Pennsylvania. Penn chose Bucks County for his homestead upon arriving here and called the estate Pennsbury. Bucks County didn’t start there.

In 1609 it was discovered by Europeans when the Dutch sailed up the Delaware Bay. In 1640 Swedish settlers made tiny homesteads here. In 1679 at the present day Morrisville has settled by a dozen Quaker families who called it Crewcorne.

The first purchase of land was eight thousand acres in Bucks County by Penn, in 1682 from the Lenape people. That was not part of the grant given to William Penn, it was made in respect to the inhabitants. If you visit the Mercer Museum today, you can see a clay pot that was unearthed from possibly 500 B.C. That was created by the same original Lenape people.

Settlements quickly sprung up along the Delaware River, as well as the Neshaminy and Perkiomen Creeks. The first towns of settlers here were made of many faiths and nationalities. German Catholics, Lutherans, Mennonites, Dutch Reformed, Welsh Baptists, Scotch-Irish Presbyterians, French Huguenots, and Irish Catholics were mixed among the Quakers and the Lenape.

The official Bucks County seat began in Bristol, where people came to buy and sell merchandise but was moved in the 1730s by Penn’s sons, to the town of Newtown. Newtown had been named by William Penn himself while riding a horse through a particularly pretty spot and proclaiming, “This is the place proposed for my new town!”.

Soon after the county seat moved there, in 1737, his sons made a fraudulent “Walking Purchase” which stated falsely that the Lenape agreed to sell all the land that could be walked across in a day and a half. They then hired runners who knew how to cross the rugged terrain and cheated the Lenape out of seven hundred fifty thousand acres. This act changed the friendly atmosphere of the land and started the French and Indian War.

Later in history, in the nineteenth century, Bucks County became a well-used passageway for coal and goods coming from upstate and going to Philadelphia. Around 1830 the Delaware division of the Pennsylvania canal was dug, causing businesses and hamlets to thrive along it. This, in turn, caused the county seat to move once again, to Doylestown where it still sits now.

Bucks County remained a scenic place until the early 1950’s when William Levitt developed Levittown with seventeen thousand new homes, bringing the population up to seventy-five thousand. The population grew very fast and the farms, wetlands, and forests were quickly developed, and then redeveloped to make more homes for more residents. The major growth in population was after the PA turnpike came through the area. Completed in 1969, the I-95 corridor attracted developers who brought the population to its current 627,000 plus residents.

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